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  1. I think the only best way to clarify the issue is by hearing it from the members themselves.. not that 'officlal' announcement. Everyone knows no CEO would admit to bullying within a group, whether it's true or not. Let's just hope someone else, rather than Hwayoung, would at least speak out about this.
  2. I only have one thing to say to those that state "if you don't support T-ara or whoever else because of etc etc, then you are not a real/true fan to start off with" Please do read my post objectively and fairly. Right now I believe that no one should be saying that statement to those that says they will stop being a fan because of this simple example: Let's just say, you are a fan of a ABC. One day ABC kills someone ( I'm just trying to give an example so that people can understand my example much easily ), will you still support ABC? Will you continue to be a fan of ABC even though he killed someone? If you dont support ABC because of this, does this mean you were not a true fan from the start? My point here is that, people are stopping to be fans because they believe T-ara has committed a 'crime' that is bullying Hwayoung. It is simply just not right to support them under this situation. How can anyone pardon this kind of act? It's just wrong. BUT!! no one has explicitly stated that the bullying rumours were 100% true, but in such cases, where else can this point to? It is most likely true, and so I don't think people should start dismissing people as 'you are not a true fan to start off with' . I think it's just that under this kind of situation, people cannot condone such actions. Forgive me if this offended anyone, but I'm trying to be as neutral as possible. Not sure if anyone would agree with me on this but I just wanna state my opinion, thats all.. Peace!
  3. It's out officially! but please support t-ara by not downloading the song freely! Buy their album!
  4. yes, it's a different packaging, it looks like the absolute first album
  5. It is just John Travolta Wannabe + Roly Poly in Copacabana but it has plenty of new photos of them inside the album; including them in their new copacabana concept and also their previous roly poly concept.
  6. I just pre-ordered it, haha, can't wait for it to be released!
  7. awesome man go T-ara! I truly hope they will win a lot of awards and maybe release a different mv
  8. I really hope she is fine! get well soon please, hyomin!
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