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  1. as usual, very stylish~!!! thank u for sharing
  2. Jiyeon~!!! she's very cute in first picture thank u for sharing~
  3. they are so pretty they performance always awesome~!!! thank u for sharing~
  4. whenever i see Roly Poly performance, i'm so excited~!!! thank u for sharing~
  5. Qri's eyes so big kekeke~ but i like it, thank u for sharing
  6. waaa. i'm so happy~!!! i enjoy their performance
  7. s3kyu

    [CAPS] Roly Poly MV.

    love love Roly Poly MV~!!! you make great caps from MV thank u for sharing~
  8. their behind the scenes~!!! their expression is so cute~ thank u for sharing
  9. hyomin always photogenic thank u for sharing this pictures XD XD
  10. thank u so much for the caps. i love this performance
  11. even though they wear retro outfit, they still stylist i love it thank u so much for sharing~
  12. waa.. i love 2PM too so i'm very happy look T-ara and 2PM in one performance thank u so much for sharing~
  13. they must be happy they are very pretty with their dress thank u for sharing~
  14. very beautiful and cute~ :3 thank u so much for sharing
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