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  1. Hyomin is showing that she deserves to be T-ara's leader, she's doing great! i hope they will be successful and hold a concert at Tokyo Dome. come on girls! i know you can do it! fighting!
  2. "we want T-ara to stay in Japan for a long time" ughh that sentence kinda bothers me. i want them to be active in korea, releasing albums and doing variety shows. but then again i am all for them spreading their wings worldwide. but one thing is certain, J-ROCK is a very clever company
  3. it nice that Hyomin is showing some love for SNSD. i think the their retro is very different from wonder girls and SNSD, and i think the most accurate representation of the era.
  4. wow, despite her petite figure, Boram is one strong girl. no wonder she keeps growing on me everyday! it's nice to know their secret is more exercise not eat less.
  5. Roly Poly Tony Moly haha. it does have a nice ring to it. i hope they will have more CFs. i cant wait for their ads to finally come out. congratulations! T-ara fighting!
  6. thank you for sharing and translating! wow it's a long article. i really-really hope they will have a successful Japanese debut and and their wish of number 1 on the oricon chart comes true.
  7. well well, somebody is very busy these days. congratulations and good luck for the both of them. i hope this movie is daebak!
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