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  1. Fangirl of Click B turn Girlfriend, what else can we ask for? When they "accident" kiss in Bouquet, I knew something was going on. Happy for Soyeon
  2. 0:00 ~ 0:24 Qri 0:24 ~ 0:36 Hyomin 0:36 ~ 0:49 Jiyeon 0:49 ~ 1:00 Soyeon 1:00 ~ 1:12 Eunjung 1:12 ~ 1:25 Soyeon 1:25 ~ 1:38 Areum 1:38 ~ 1:50 Boram 1:50 ~ 2:08 Eunjung 2:08 ~ 2:22 Soyeon 2:22 ~ 2:40 Qri
  3. Soyeon and Areum holding hands in the photo shipping SoReum Couple
  4. Seriously, if the backtrack have Soyeon's voice in it, Soyeon's lines was not sang by Eunjung & Hyomin themselves already.We all know it is easier to sing well when guided by a greater singer. No.it's not that I don't hear Soyeon voice, it's the fact that I love Soyeon's voice so much ,that I straight away can hear that Soyeon's voice is in the performance. I can easily differentiate her voice from other members. Even the so-call MR removed, still have some amount of Soyeon's voice in it.
  5. Why are they lip-syncing Soyeon's lines? XD Unless people don't know the voices of Hyomin & Eunjung, it should be very easy to hear it. Nice performance anyway
  6. OMG!!! Soyeon~~ She really have gone to a whole new HIGHER level as a performer. SOYEON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
  7. Huh? Why not concert DVDs instead? Or does it come with the photobook? Since fancams was not allowed, was wishing for the DVDs.
  8. "A permanent recurring role" WOW, this is gonna be great ,can't wait for the drama to be aired
  9. Love Soyeon's innocent look Soyeon & Boram have almost the same pose in the first photo, that's our Tom & Jerry Couple
  10. Soyeon look gorgeous as usual Love to read more of T-ara's Q & A
  11. Maybe it's just me, but the background looks like it's full of trash. If this is futuristic, then our future is not that bright Did anyone notice "STOP ON THE RED SIGNAL" in the second photo? Hyomin's red hair means something XD Both Hyomin and Dani look great
  13. Why T-ara members always act during the time they are be promoting their songs? So hard to see them in full Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Hyomin, BUT I just wish to see them more as a whole group.
  14. Love Soyeon ~ Love Super Mario ~ Love Soyeon dress like Super Mario ~ XD
  15. Love this photo of Soyeon. It is just so cute.
  16. Love Soyeon with her cute face expression but sexy leg poses
  17. Soyeon = hot + sexy + cute + beautiful + gorgeous + classy ( All in One )
  18. Love Soyeon version of Yuki no Hana by Mika Nakashima
  19. WOW SOYEON~ Every time I see Soyeon ,I think she is getter even more and more beautiful by the day .
  20. Boram must have been eating a lot of beef XD remember this??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMN1ZzLfu-0
  21. I been saying this for quite some time and times like these confirm my feelings. SOYEON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Finally , the leader everyone is waiting for. Congratulations to Soyeon on becoming the new leader of T-ara
  23. for some reason , I can't take my eyes of Soyeon's lips on this pic , so sexy
  24. wow yeah~ T-ara totally deserved it . Lets hope for more #1 to come
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