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  1. Nice to see our Queens having fan base in Europe too, good to have more fans
  2. Really looking forward to the Tokyo Version of Lovey Dovey, no matter which date will be fine
  3. Woot their wish finally came thru guess their boss did heard their request, hope they have a splendid holiday
  4. Nvm people if it April then it is then, as you guys in the US will still get to see them perform
  5. Just give us Fans, the Date and time, surely the Concert will be Snap up in a flash
  6. Omg Jiyeon in Dream High 2, this is goona be nice, cant wait for its release
  7. Omg so many to choose, which version will be the best or all, cant wait!!!!
  8. Guess its ok, next time when are 19 there will be new films for them to watch, skipping 1 should not be much of a problem
  9. Looking forward to their Japan Debut, cant wait for it to be release and awww us
  10. Where is the similarity? I dont seem to see any maybe just a chance to make it big?
  11. Keep on going T-ara, its another record in the making and one day over take 9 weeks record
  12. Woot, nice Record in the making gogo T-ARA, no matter Jap or Korean Songs fans will love it
  13. Fine with crazy Fans, so long they dont do anything stupid to T-ara i am fine lolx guess i will watch the 2d broadcast with no 3D tv
  14. Go T-ara Go and dominate the NIPPON market and have great songs for us to listen to!!!!
  15. I guess it will happen soon, seeing their popularity in japan is rising, the record company surely would not missing this opportunity too
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