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  1. Qri's eyes are so sparkling BIG just like the comic character! So pretty *nose bleed*
  2. Omo.. Soyeon isn't included for the song ? I wonder if it's good or bad news
  3. The second MV gives the feeling like it's seeing T-ara on stage ? Sounds interesting. Either way i'm sure i'll love the MV, T-ara!
  4. One of my fave performance for Roly Poly, great stage, great dance. T-ara fighting!!
  5. They look so good together! omg.. But i think Jangwoo's looks better with straight hair, Eunjung though is very HOT. LOL
  6. Thanks for the uploads ! I think Hyomin's purple legging stands out the most HaHa
  7. T-ara's retro image is definitely different from snsd or wonder girls, can't even compare them to T-ara's if you ask me.
  8. Wow 150 Japanese and Korean media newspapers, magazines and broadcasters, that's a lot!! I wonder how Bo Peep Bo Peep will sound in Japanese ? Anyway i'm sure they can get number ONE. T-ara fighting
  9. Lucky Japanese fans huh !! T-ara have so many different charms, i'm sure there are many reasons to like them!
  10. Good to know that T-ara is creating a lot of hype before enter Japan! They will surely be a big HIT and SUCCESS in Japan, T-ara !!
  11. Haha.. They only just made a comeback and got chosen as cosmetic brand models already! T-ara is the BEST daebak!!
  12. Omo! Sounds like Eunjung got bullied by her husband in We Got Married?! Anyway Roly Poly is a really great song, they really brought out the retro look well. Big thank to the subbers for the conference Q&A, didn't think it's conducted in English.
  13. Wow ! Sisters ? Hopefully the cameo will not be a short one, lol. They got to give Eunjung more screen time with Hyomin! They are both wonderful
  14. J-ROCK totally made the right choice, omo! T-ara is the best, just hope that the girls will not be overworked. The members seems really busy enough in Korea already. Either way I hope they will become really successful in Japan, T-ara fighting!!
  15. I remember in T-aradotcom Boram is always hungry and eating, I always wonder how she can still keep slim. Now I know why HaHa
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