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  1. RT @FemaleTexts: Ellen DeGeneres' response to Donald Trump screening "Finding Dory" at The White House is everything: https://t.co/kt8eDt9D…

  2. Photo: Kris Calixto’s photostream on Flickr. http://t.co/NYu1QsNU8Z

  3. Why Crediting is Important - whatiscredit: What’s supposed to happen What’s happening when you don’t credit... http://t.co/Ydg1zo9H

  4. THIS JUST IN: Smurfs love to love Smurfette! Tap #Smurfette once a day to earn extra XP. http://t.co/FKGEmnxx #SmurfsVillage @BeelineGames

  5. RT @Jeongminki2211: @RHY422 FROM FIRST TIME U SHOULD ASK DAD FOR HELPING U SOLO,DONT JOIN T-ARA IF (cont) http://t.co/fh6K8Hzy”

  6. “@WanJiyeonPJY: #EunjungFighting because of how they treat t-ara's issue, i start to think that korean netizen, is very stupid.”

  7. Photo: T-shirt print(gawa ko) (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/Vc6fwSAM

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