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  1. I agree Qri looks good with glasses Hwayoung is also gorgeous!
  2. Hahahahaha, Hwayoung in the 2nd last picture !! So cute. Hyomin's attire is kinda awesome
  3. First math lesson and I think I'm about to fail. T_T

  4. Where do you get to order the Japanese single? I thought only can be ordered in Japan or something.
  5. So excited! Although I won't be there T_T I really wanna go the fanmeet D:
  6. lovejiy

    Gimpo Airport (09.02)018

    I wonder if it's still pain though.
  7. I see Jiyeon's knee is not in a cast already! But I doubt its fully recovered. Choco pie looking delicious! *grabs a choco pie* Hahaha Hwayoung's slipper!
  8. Hope she recovers well and not have any permanent damage to her knee. I know how it feels being left out of sports because I was sick/injured. Anyway, she should get lots of rest now and come back stronger than ever!
  9. Attending DigiPen University, Bachelor in Science in Games Design. Wish me luck~

  10. Jiyeon looks so cool in the first picture! Love it very much!!! I want Galaxy S2 because I heard it's a good phone and a bonus is Jiyeon uses it too
  11. OMG! She is gorgeous!!! The 5th picture is soooooo cute~~ her eyes is just so stunning....
  12. Thank you!! Really like the first picture a lot and loving the cat ears
  13. Back from overseas!

  14. Much easier since you're in Korea too I can wait very well since I am patient hahaha. Hopefully when the opportunity comes to see them, I don't have anything on on that day or something >_<;
  15. Will be away until 15 August. Going to USA~~

  16. Wow! I am so envious of you. I haven't got to see them once yet! It's great to see they appreciates the gifts and even wore them! <3 <div><br></div><div>I think she did point at her wrist though <img src="http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif" alt="" class="bbc_emoticon"></div>
  17. Hahaha Hwayoung's face when doing the peace sign Is Soyeon disturbing Boram again lol Tom & Jerry!
  18. Horror Party!!! Her in the bunny costume just lessened the horror. Cute!
  19. It's good that they are given the opportunity to be exposed to more things than just singing . Keep challenging yourself Hyomin, you can do it! Also, sleep.
  20. Yes.. I guess I am a Jiyeonbain LOL!

  21. Her face in the first and second picture is so white! O_O The close-up shot on her face is so pretty!!
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