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    hyominheart reacted to min young in [12.08.27] T-ara's Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo in "Shut Up Family" will be edited out   
    you know what? kbs representative answer the question 'why remove jiyeon and eunjung' is 'WHAT WERE THOSE VIEWERS THINKING'.
    Can 't believe it,they pretend kind/care what viewers thinking but not jiyeon,eunjung,t-ara family,t-ara fans feeling...
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    hyominheart reacted to molkang2x in [12.08.25] Video HD - WooJung's finale on We Got Married   
    Like the comments above. I, too became a fan of T-ara because of Eunjung. I only started to like and be a fan of T-ara last April cause I only discovered WGM Woojung couple last April thanks to the christmas special where all the 3 couples were present. I can't believe how fans of them for a long long time can give up on them that easily because of RUMORS of them bullying one member and evidences that were only cut from different variety shows. I just started being a fan last April but still I know that they could not do things like that. Longer fans should've known that. But I guess even if you've been a T-ara fan for a long time it doesn't necessarily mean that you are a TRUE fan already. What makes a TRUE is staying by your idols side when all goes down and when they needed you the most. Guess those fans who claim to love T-ara before just like them during the happy times and is a coward to face the sad times like this one.
    In the episode, Eunjung's tears was soooo genuine. You can really feel how much she is disappointed of them having to part ways and how much she hurts. Jangwoo trying to prevent his tears from falling was obviously so hurt as well. Guess they didn't expect this to happen. I'm so sad that they worked hard for WGM for 1 year and 6 months and yet WGM repay them with just a 15 min ending. How cruel can people get? But still this must be my 2nd favorite episode cause even if this is A REALLY REALLY HEARTBREAKING episode, I saw how much they loved each other and how much they still want to stay together.
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    hyominheart reacted to chloeownsyou in [12.08.25] Video HD - WooJung's finale on We Got Married   
    [12.08.25] Video HD - WooJung's finale on We Got Married


    CR: crawqed@yt

    I don’t watch WGM, not especially the WooJung couple, but I watched this last episode of them. Even though it’s just a short 15mins, I could feel their unbearable pain of separation. I cried watching them tear. Their emotions felt so real. Those who have shipped them, could have felt it stronger than I do. I must really thank Eunjung for her effort in filming WGM, she really made T-ara shine. People who fell for the WooJung couple, not only love them as a couple, they love them individually as well. In a sense, Eunjung became a good representative of T-ara. Thank God for WGM, for people who chase this, they will see Eunjung’s character well in this show. Eunjung ah, I don’t know what more I can say for you, but please be strong. Everything you’ve done, has not all gone down the drain. This period may be tough for you, but I believe T-ara and you will get the right justice soon. It may not be so fast, but I know the day will come. Till then, I’ll be here to stay by all of you. I want to stick through this rough period with you. I don’t ask for more, but just stay healthy and happy will do. Remember that people don’t control your life. You can manipulate your own life too. Don’t get affected what what people say. As long as your conscience serves you right, you are definitely on the right track. You’ve already shown that confidence. There is in fact no need to hide. What needs to be ashamed, are the rumors. Rumors are only rife and taking charge now because the real subjects of the scandal are still in hiding. Once all of you are out and the air is cleared, the rumors will all cease to exist. So not to worry. Things will be fine (:
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    hyominheart reacted to chloeownsyou in [12.08.24] Video HD - Hyomin's cuts on The Thousandth Man (Episode 2)   
    [12.08.24] Video HD - Hyomin's cuts on The Thousandth Man (Episode 2)


    CR: YCMinG92@yt

    Always thankful to Queen's out there who make these episode cuts (:

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    hyominheart reacted to UekiKousuke in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    Yes. I fully agree. CCM played a big part in this mess. This problem should have been handled carefully in the first place. CCM failed and that's why so many bad things follow...
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    hyominheart reacted to banene08 in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    I saw SBS fb site, there's so many hate messages from the fans internationally or k-fanatics. I'm so glad at once Queen's become one for Eunjung, and for T-ara.
    T-ara Fighting.
    I you Eunjung.
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    hyominheart reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    You go Girl!!
    I'm extremely glad more and more people come to defense the QUEENS.Yes,the so-called CEO who claimed he's like a father to these girls (pfft,father my butt) should has let the girls talk in the first place,not him telling a bunch of lies because no one in their right mind believe a single word coming out of KKS's mouth.They should do official press conference of something like that.
    Oh wait,they already did.Soyeon talked about the issue but 99% did not believe her and even called her a liar.When she talked,people didn't trust her a bit,but when Hyomin and Eunjung kept silent,people accused them of being guilty.What do you guys want,huh??
    We all know how things work in that douchebag's mind.He's the sole reason why all these T-ara "bullying" controversy occurred.I would be more than happy if one day I wake up and see a headline news saying that they file a suit against KKS and leave the company - for good.
    There there baby,don't worry.Be strong.Aaah,I just wanna give all 6 of them a warm hug,pet them and tell them that they still have us - loyal QUEEN'S who do not jump into conclusion hastily just because of unconfirmed rumors spread by irresponsible people.
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    hyominheart reacted to min young in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    what she said is true.but one thing she afraid same like me...it was t-ara will be disband..
    guys please told me that wouldn't happen...i love t-ara more than other group...
    if t-ara disband,i don't have any reason to love kpop anymore....i'm so afraid
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    hyominheart reacted to min young in [12.08.24] Translation - Director Cha Eun-taek's tweet about Eunjung   
    guys we must show our love to t-ara..so please join asiakore.net....t-ara must be happy to receive your letter,video,photo,fan-art
    i already send it mine and i so happy when imagine t-ara watch my video also read my letter because of that t-ara will remember my
    name hehehe so happy when just imagine
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    hyominheart reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"

    Haeundae Lovers's Writer opened up about Haeundae Lover's Soyeon on the morning of the 24th, expressing her thoughts about the T-ara situation:
    She said, "speaking about Soyeon is a very sensitive matter" "I've not seen Soyeon before. It seems like it was T-ara's agency which allowed things to become like this"
    She continued, "The company should, in line with what the public and citizens want, give an explanation about the issue" "Eunjung left her drama recently, and the requests for the other members to leave are also continuing endlesslessly, it is like they are digging their own graves. I feel very regretful about their company"
    About the requests for Soyeon to leave Haeundae Lovers, "Soyeon is not a main character but a supporting character" "Filming already began before the T-ara issue, if she were to leave, we would have to re-film which is not easy" "Soyeon began filming before the T-ara issue" "At that time we did not expect there to be such a conflict"
    "The Tablo incident also happened before, and I felt very saddened about it" "Same about Soyeon. Even after the debate, there is no way to accurately know the reasons, we can't just let her leave the drama. I thought the agency would come up with sensible measures, but to let the incident grow large like this, it is not possible to not have any thoughts of complaints."
    "Disregarding the truth or falsity of the T-ara debate, I hope that they can take this opportunity and become even more united. Personally, I also have worries as to whether T-ara will disband because of this" "When I do sports, I also gain energy from listening to T-ara's songs"
    She cautiously said, "Soyeon was in a traffic accident not long ago, and I know there appeared rumours claiming that the accident was fake, the situation is really serious" "For me, I want to protect those who appear in my work, the cast and crew who have worked hard"
    Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translations from TCN
    Original Article: http://news.nate.com.../20120824n13732
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    hyominheart reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.08.24] Translation - Director Cha Eun-taek's tweet about Eunjung   
    Isn't he's the same person who support T-ara a while back (1-2 weeks ago)?I'm glad to see some sane people who truly support T-ara.First it was Hyomin's PD,then KEMA shows their support and now him.Well,if only Korean netizens and reporters think like them,all these craps won't happen.They do love to exaggerate things,huh?
    If this whole controversy didn't happen,we might enjoy ourselves listening to T-ara's Sexy Love by now.Eunjung,Soyeon,Hyomin,Boram,Qri and Jiyeon,please have faith in yourself.I really hope they can get through this hell and not having a mental breakdown
    Be strong QUEENS.Every cloud has a silver shining.
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    hyominheart reacted to min young in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    wow,this PD was so evil.....they already remove eunjung why don't just remove this heartless PD also...just hope this drama will flop...sorry guys i can't stand it anymore
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    hyominheart reacted to mglsts in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    Honestly I don't want her to go back, it would be awkward and they would probably abuse her into quitting or make her life miserable, but it would probably benefit her and T-ara's image.
    At the very least, this may create a precedent that will make PD's think twice, before doing this.
    But I bet no will care that Eunjung actually got threatened and bullied in this whole situation.... So much for anti-bullying justice.
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    hyominheart reacted to ichi-diadem in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    The answer about Cho Younghun PD was that he said, 'Voluntarily leave! Or we'll create a withdrawal form' and threatened her." He's pure evil if indeed said that. I hope 5fingers will having a rating drops and fail!!!!! Screw you 5fingers PD!
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    hyominheart reacted to Sleeping Ham in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    WE SUPPORT 1000TH MAN!!! If 5Finger PD is like this, We wont be so pissed but heck, they just like KKS, CASH!!
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    hyominheart reacted to min young in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    The Thousandth Man PD's Twitter Translation [23082012]

    To drama producers, issues of production sponsorship, PPL etc are no doubt important, but to tamper with the drama’s plan for these issues is not the way. A production that succeeds relying on despicable things, is very muddled. Although the production sponsorship for The Thousandth Man is zero ㅠ I will not give up. Money is something that you will have when you work harder.
    ENG TRANS by (@ kckclalala) via Chinese trans by @hameunjungbar
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    hyominheart reacted to min young in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    T-ara controversy for the first time was given in an opened discussion on Echannel aired on 23/08. With the participation of 14 journalists from different sections as: sport, ent, economy….. All of them have agreed that it was not T-ara fault but netizens. They gave their POV that netizens have destroyed T-ara image and called this is a “step back” of Hallyu wave
    Cr: t-aravn.net
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    hyominheart reacted to Rafielle in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    In soompi there's an article titled;
    “Bridal Mask” Production Team Not Happy With Jin Se Yeon’s Decision To Join “Five Fingers”:
    "In the middle of the shocking decision to choose currently airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bridal Mask” female lead Jin Se Yeon, who is still shooting for the drama, over T-ara member Eunjung for the female lead role in drama “Five Fingers,” it has come out that KBS is not happy with such a decision and cannot understand such a decision.
    On August 23, “Bridal Mask” drama producer Lee Geon Jun said that, “It is ridiculous and unheard of for a mini-series drama female lead, while the drama is still broadcasting, to be splitting her time appearing in another drama.”
    The “Bridal Mask” drama production’s concern is that as the two dramas’ shooting schedules overlap, at a critical point in shooting, the busy drama “Bridal Mask” might suffer some harm."
    Having two drama shooting at once in Korea seems a handful, I don't want to see this as apersonal greed in Se Yeon, but I guess Se Yeon's agency is an ambitious one. I hope this new star won't become another victim of K-entertainment like our Eunjung >.<.
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    hyominheart reacted to clearwater in [12.08.23] Ham Eunjung at home in seclusion with her mother   
    I really feel sorry for Eunjung. All her fans are outraged and devastated too. Eunjung must be feeling more than devastated. Everything she worked hard for went down the drain. She worked on her hair too, she practiced piano, she practiced her lines, and now she must be feeling like she's in hell. What's worse, she might be even blaming herself for this even if she has no fault. I am glad that she has a very supportive family. I have faith that she can get through this.
    She's hurting more than ever now. This is the biggest blow so far for her. She entered the entertainment industry to follow her acting dreams and now it seems like the industry turned its back on her. She looked so lifeless and empty when she attended the 5F press conference yet she maintained her professionalism and controlled her emotions to be less of a burden to the 5F team. I thought that her source of strength at that time is the very idea that despite everything she lost due to the T-ara controversy, she still has her acting career at least, and she must have been holding on to it so tightly. But what happened yesterday is the very moment she probably feared: to lose that drama... the drama she chose among other offers, the drama close to her heart because of her mother (piano, acting, reaching dreams)... the drama she cared so much for, that she allegedly gave up other things like WGM just so she can focus on it... And then suddenly she gets betrayed in the vilest and most inconsiderate, unprofessional, unethical way. It's like she was stabbed in the back, not just through any blow but through the moist poisonous and the most lethal weapon that it hurts so bad... not just any hurt.... it probably hurts like she was stabbed a gazillion times, and then put through fire, then thrown in the darkest pit.
    Since the T-ara controversy made her lose a lot of things, it seemed that 5F was her supposed lifeline... It gave her hope to carry on. I read somewhere that before, they had to really push and insist to KKS to get them dramas. After the controversy, and after 5F, her future is uncertain because drama offers have probably stopped. And so Eunjung has to hold on to it tight. Now that even 5F is gone... one can only imagine the feeling, like you want to get angry at everything... Oh I can only wish that Eunjung remains strong. I hope she remains calm. I hope she can still think positive. She still has a lot of supporters.
    I hope she learned enough from playing Yoon Baek Hee in Dream High... It's not the end of her story... she'll learn from these and she'll come back stronger. I wish someone gives her that K-pendant to remind her to keep on fighting for her dreams.
    As for Five Fingers production team, I am still disappointed in them, I really hope they regret what they did. And I really hope they're not like enjoying themselves right now because they got rid of Eunjung. As for those sponsors who pressured them to ditch Eunjung, I hope they realize that they made a wrong decision and I am hopeful that... they don't just realize it... I am hopeful that they will see and feel the backlash from Eunjung's fans. Eunjung's fans are mature, but when it comes to violation of Eunjung's rights... ah... you've got to realize that it's a wrong move to listen to anti-fans and ignore the fans. Fans, when angered, are scary too you know.
    As for Jin Se Yeon, READERS, FORGIVE ME FOR MY HONESTY IN THESE SUCCEEDING WORDS SKIP IT IF YOU WANT... as much as she seems innocent in this, I really can't take out anymore the idea in my head that she was some kind of an opportunist, that she was too eager to snatch Eunjung's role the moment the production team gets rid of her. She's supposedly Eunjung's friend and Eunjung even supported Gaksital probably because of her... and she probably knows that Eunjung owns the role... I don't know... Somehow I think her role in the movie White who wanted to be get the lead/center role of the girl group, sort of mirrors this situation, like they're competing for the lead role of this drama. Sorry I can't help it... Se Yeon's role in the movie White... she got chosen for the lead role at some point... but she died because of it. Paid for the greed. Ugh. I guess it's good that Eunjung is safe 'coz she's not the lead. THERE I SAID IT. SORRY. I mean no harm. Sorry for thinking those evil words... I guess I am looking for some defense mechanism but I ended up thinking these. I just want to let it out, so I can move on. Forgive me.
    As regards the Sexy Love comeback single... I am no longer sure if they will push through with Aug. 29 release. I have a hunch it's not pushing through again because Eunjung suffered such a painful blow just 7 days before the release. Somehow I really want them all to go on a hiatus for some months just so they can rest, reflect, recharge and regain some confidence. I know I have posted a lot of things ever since the controversy started that I was excited for the release of Sexy Love more than ever. I am sorry. I guess I was too selfish, I was only thinking of my own entertainment. I guess the girls really need some time off. Yesterday's events made me realize how much tortured they are already by the public and the industry who turned their backs on them. They have their limits too as humans and it's probably not wise to risk whatever cards they have remaining in their hands. Or perhaps they can release it not in Korea. Perhaps in other countries, where they still have so much supporters who are willing to accept them again after the controversy. Seriously CCM, how about learning from your mistakes this time and know how to properly manage the group? Oh well... Whatever they decide, I hope it's for the welfare of everyone, especially of the T-ara members. I am still hoping that they can survive this by staying strong. Let's not lose hope for them.
    Whatever I said in this post, I want to clarify it in a few words... I wish the best for everyone, I mean no harm... but those who wronged people should definitely pay.
    Eunjung Fighting! T-ara Fighting!
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    hyominheart reacted to jknlet in [12.08.23] Ham Eunjung at home in seclusion with her mother   
    she must feel so bad,i was sure she was at home with her mother, but i think this situation is so unbelieveable that this is not enough. She will need many time, support and most of all SOME GOOD NEWS OR EVEN BETTER NO NEWS AT ALL REGARDING T-ARA AND THE xxxxING DRAMA 5F.
    i really hope that even if i´m diying to see her, any comebak will be realease this year . I don´t want bad critics and hate on her because her psysical and menthal health are not good to keep receiveing unfair criticism and betrayals, that could really make Eunjung leave her acting, singing, dancing career for ever or something worse.
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    hyominheart reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    I just want to give him a warm hug.It touched me.Not only because that he support Hyomin but he also has a great wisdom.If I'm not mistaken,compared to Five Fingers and Hundae's Lover's ratings,A Thousandth Man received the lowest rating but I respect him for still keeping Hyomin as one of the lead actresses in that drama.They already completed 6 out of 8 episodes so it's impossible for her to be removed from that drama but I still respect this guy for not give a damn to those haters.
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    hyominheart reacted to mae_ash in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    i'm glad the PD of Hyomin's drama 1000th Man is a man of his word.. Like he said even if 1000th Man sponsorship is zero he didn't kick Hyomin out of the drama just to get more sponsors & money.. i know there were also antis who petition for Hyomin's removal & maybe some sponsors back out too but he still stick to Hyomin & didn't replace her.. He didn't even edit out Jiyeon's cameo appearance in 1000th Man i am glad that even maybe he was also a bit afraid that 1000th Man won't rate at all,, he still stick to the cast & continued the drama with Hyomin as the lead..
    I just hope 'Five Fingers' PD is like this too.. not just 1000th Man PD but Heundae Lovers PD too, he stick with Soyeon & didn't replace her no matter what.. Soyeon's role & appearance might have lessen but i don't think it's because of the T-ara issue but because Soyeon got into an accident & need more rest..
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    hyominheart reacted to EunJiYeon93 in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    I don't understand why people in the entertainment industry are so afraid of a bunch of haters. Since they've already casted Eunjung for the role in her drama, shouldn't they just stick to their promise and let her participate? Just screw all the haters who will most likely try to sabotage the drama ratings. I believe that a good drama will succeed no matter what. If their drama is good what do they have to worry about? I'm glad someone is finally speaking out in favor of T-ARA
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    hyominheart reacted to craZy in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    Well spoken. It's good to start seeing some more sensible folks in this mess.
    Lets pray for Eunjung and as well hope for the success of his drama, 1000th Man, as well.
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    hyominheart reacted to Parismoon in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    I'm glad someone spoke up about this. I am touched by his comment. We need more people like him!
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