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  1. I hope you will win this case , I'll always support you.. Eunjung Hwaiting!
  2. Haters always be haters ... Those audiences should grow up.. T-ara Fighting !
  3. just why they do that? oh i hope Jiyeon is okay now...
  4. FInally T-ara will comeback soon ! I've wathced Cry cry MV, Jiyeon acting skill is really really good!
  5. whats wrong with Ya Ya Ya ?? It's a good unique song ""T-ara will release a new mini album, "Black Eyes" in October to face head-to head with girl groups Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation."" wow great~ T-ara Hwaitiiing! I'm realy sure you will be the best in October comeback
  6. ah Japan... Just hope this Event will be successful... and wait for BPBP japanese DVD ..
  7. Jiyeon is my Inspiration ^^

  8. 23 million ! Our Queens are so famous now glad to hear that! T-ara is the best!
  9. oh poor Jiyeon... you can watch it next year lol hmm I'm curious what movie Gisaeng Spirit is.. I'll watch it later
  10. yay another TV program will released this October I'm curious how if T-ara be a mentor... It will be great!
  11. SUpport our girl by buying their original albums Let's save some money for this
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