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  1. Why Boram is missing?? anyone knows??! T.T
  2. yes, Eunjung, yes! I miss you very much! ..so take me with you (i'll try but then...eehh i don't think that she will be listen to me XD)
  3. it's very strange to see a chinese photoshoot in HD XD generally they have such a bad quality ^^ well, good !
  4. uuuoooh! this photoshoot is simply amazing!!! also, O my Jiyeon!!
  5. ahhh i already knew U.U the Boram's episode will be talking about food!! my little sweet snack eater ahahha
  6. O My Jiyeooon!!! ..i ... i ... i can't say any other words O.O
  7. oooh, i can't wait to see this episode in english for understand what they saying ahahaha XD
  8. a beautiful interview...but 1 or 2 question, if i was the interviewer, I would have excluded U.u
  9. She is perfect !! ...but i don't know why, from today i can't enter to the entire gallery T.T why? why?
  10. yesss!!! ...but i hope that they will return on the important korean tv shows T.T
  11. i can't wait for the OST album, ... i hope that they will realese it soon !!
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