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    Malaysia RamBo fan's..
    I hope T-ara will come to Malaysia..^^
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  1. Hello ^^ you're 15 years old,. same as I.

  2. Addi

    Gimpo Airport (09.02)059

    fashion terrorist
  3. Addi

    Gimpo Airport (09.02)057

    haha..what she doing..
  4. that a really a huge hits..2 milion.. haha..i hope in the future they will become more hits..
  5. poor jiyeon..i hope she will be ok.. T-ara hwaiting..
  6. thanks 4 add...malaysian :)))..

  7. Their perform Roly Poly and Why Are You Being Like This.. can't wait for the video
  8. Qri really pretty in this pic.. really love the 7th pic..
  9. i hope we can be best friends

  10. very sad that t-ara don't win in music bank..T_T

    1. lil_moon


      yeaah i know they really need to win.... i can't beleive they were nominated for no.1 for 6 or 7 weeks but they didn't win


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