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  1. music video drama, again?! aa~ cant wait, but They're not as 7-ara anymore However, I will still love them. Bcz Jiyeon's still there
  2. I cant believe it, She'll be the next T-ara's maknae But, Jiyeon's the original maknae T-ara Hwaiting!!
  3. Jiyeon when you smile, It always make me happy and always make laugh LOL~Fighting!!
  4. aaa~ glad to see that, thank you for the photographer!^^ T-ara Fighting!
  5. 'After 4 days' 2,052,710 views for Lovey Dovey's MV drama version!! ^^ http://t.co/Bbfx83dr 티아라 #바잇팅

  6. Anyone, you know who the man is right & left beside it?? http://t.co/BBeCjcvx

  7. Start today with "Lovey Dovey" http://t.co/Bbfx83dr ^^

  8. RT @tarawota: T-ara will release ’Tokyo in Lovey -Dovey’ MV on tomorrow , Drama ver. will be released at the same time .

    http://t.co/d ...

  9. So many page for T-ara, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Soyeon & ... !!! cpek ngrushhnya! ==" FIGHTING!! :D#citrine #diadem

  10. 왜? FIGHTING!! ^^ RT @Boram86322: 조금의 틈 이라도 주었으면...

  11. T-ara on Japanese Magazine Love Rab Rab http://t.co/JkNLAC5e

  12. OMO??? Qri is real sister!!! ^^ Cute!!!!


  13. RT @tiaradiadem: [11.12.27] Video - T-

    ara Interview @ Hallyu Fondue


  14. (INFO) T-ara's 'Roly Poly' be the #2nd song of the year! #gallupkorea cr:naver

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