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  1. Gonna to download hyomin doing the catwalk pictures set.Thanks so much for uploading it.
  2. It is going to be great that they are releasing their first Japanese Album which is completely all new songs instead of their hit famous remake Korean songs I hope..
  3. What I meant were the years they took after they debuted to have their first solo concert.
  4. I think the pros for this is they would have more rest and just focus on one thing.As for cons,it would be unable to watch them act.
  5. This news seriously delighted me.hope that the new album would be something like Absolute First Album or better than that.I think is time for them to reveal to us theirs official fanclub and also theirs first solo concert.KKS better do what he said for this news as he's a well known troll...some interesting facts about solo concert,Wondergirls,2NE1 and SNSD had it 2 years prior to their debut.Kara had it 5 years,so is considered Daebak for t-ara to hold a solo concert 3 years prior to their debut.IMO.
  6. It is so cool to go to that cafe at least once but why did it only open until march...? O_O
  7. Thanks for sharing.I was unable to watch it online because of lag.
  8. Hyomin is so multi talented and I think there's nothing she can't do. can't wait to see the MV.
  9. I watched some parts of this video and it was funny especially the part where they were doing the random dances of theirs songs.hope that there will be English subs for this soon.
  10. So glad that they fulfilled theirs promises and even donated money and food for elderly with difficulties.one of the reason why I like them.
  11. I knew that there would be a translator in between them if not how could they communicate.I guess i should see on the bright side that she can help start promoting t-ara in china and i would have one more new show to watch.
  12. I feel so happy that they are going to release individual full version for each member.Going to download hyomin and put it into my ipod touch.Thanks for the link and information.
  13. I can kinda understand why soyeon used Queen since queen wears tiara which is sounds like t-ara..but I think is better to wait for the official statement from CCM.
  14. I have also been voting since theirs release of cry cry.Thanks for the link.Bookmarked already.
  15. I was hoping to be able to watch Qri act in a drama and get the recongations like what hyomin,eunjung and jiyeon is getting from being a actress.It seems like the reason given by that news is abit "fishy"..maybe she had seen how tiring was to act and have to rush back to perform etc and also fly back and forth from Japan to Korea vice versa.. Can't wait to see the new girl group that CCM was preparing to debut since we already saw two of the members in lovey dovey Tokyo version mv..
  16. They should deserve at least 2 or more triple crown...they have been working hard since roly poly till now and only recently they revealed they only have 2 hours of sleep at most...hope they can get triple crown for tomorrow inkigayo.
  17. I thought it was for a mv at first...really mixed feelings for this.how are they going to communicate... =_= and it will be really weird if they need some translator to translate every words..it will not be like "married" since there will be one more person in between both of them.
  18. I guess this is some online poll by netizens on whose is the prettiest?glad that 4 of t-ara members got into this poll..but also sad that qri, boram and hwayoung didn't make into this..
  19. I'm so glad that they deserved what they have now and even more..Hope that CCM give what he promises to our girls the 10days holidays after the release of japanese roly poly.
  20. They look like dolls in the first Press Limited Edition A .But all of the three CD Covers,First Press Limited Edition B is my favourite.
  21. Finally,been waiting for the news of them releasing official fanclub. T-ara concert next please.
  22. congratulations,They finally won on music bank since Bo Peep Bo Peep which is 2 years ago.Totally deserve it and lets go for triple crown on mnet countdown and inkigayo.
  23. Just voted for them already and they are currently 4th in the ranking but i don't think that matters because it only count 15% and I'm sure that our girls will get theirs win next week too since they have high Album sales etc.
  24. Thanks you for posting up the winning/acceptance speeches youtube links.Couldn't find it other than theirs performances.
  25. Thanks you for posting up the links.Been searching for HD version of this performances.Wondering is there videos links for theirs winning speech also?
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