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  1. this is so stupid, CCM needs to release a statement now ! all of us fans are desperate for some news on t-ara D:
  2. more members ?! D: D: we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out ! T-ARA HWAITING ^^
  3. haha hyomin so cute and pretty ! angel-in-us coffee..reminds me of city hunter...LOL ANYWHO SHE LOOKS AMAZING !
  4. waaaaah unnis are so pretty ! hehe i like their outfits the best here i think...LOLOL
  5. hyomin is jjang ! can't wait for it ! hyomin fighting! t-ara fighting ! DAEBAK
  6. THEY LOOOK GOOD IN IT ! HEHEEE can't wait for the euro version of roly poly !
  7. i really like her performance clothes and the make and hair and sunglasses and everything hahahahaha WOOO
  8. euuunjunnng, homg why are such a cuteeeeeey she looks pretty when she sleeps !
  9. i can't wait for it muahahaha my friends always try to do the dance but once again we always fail !
  10. i love their roly poly promotions, so so goot ! they really pulled off the 'john travolta wannabe' look PROUD OF THEM!
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