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  1. Wow, last time I was on Diadem forums, the project was just starting. And now that I finally decide to get back on, the first game is released. Will play it first thin tomorrow morning haha.
  2. First time back on diadem in a while and I see this. I gotta say, I'm very intrigued with this idea. I am a huge gamer and would like to see how these games will play out. Of its possible, I'd like to see T-ara turn based rpg or a fighter haha. But it doesn't matter much to me. I'll gladly check out any game you guys/girls release.
  3. I'm hoping they go back to their Absolute first album sound. To me, that album was gold! I'm also hoping that their next comeback will be a full album with new songs and not a mini album. Until then, I hope all goes well for T-ara.
  4. hmm... cant wait for their songs...will be looking forward to Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin unit
  5. Wow, it's cool Jiyeon mentioned that Bye Bye was the first song handed to them. Bye Bye is easily one of the best T-ara songs in my opinion.
  6. Aw c'mon this sucks! Eunjung really doesn't deserve this kind of treatment... But oh well, hope she isn't feeling too bad over all this stuff...
  7. ah well thats good... in a way... i mean at least she has time to practice rapping, singing, dancing, etc... but yea whatever lol
  8. Another article helping T-ara that I bet allkpop won't post... Until a long while. Edit: wow allkpop turned this article into one sentence and didn't even say anything about what the member had to say... Obviously shows what they're trying to do.
  9. Hmm... Still not sure what to believe... Everything is still kinda sketchy... But I'll still support T-ara.
  10. Good! They shouldn't change her because people want her out. I'm glad they chose to keep her in the drama.
  11. Yep cool teaser photos like always I just hope all the T-ara members show up in the mv... Even though i'm pretty sure it won't happen... But anyway... Can't wait for mv to be released! Will be another good 20 minutes spent on a T-ara mv XD
  12. Is that a real tattoo on Jiyeon's left leg?! Anyway... cant wait for the MV to be released!
  13. Aw, I wanted a 2nd full album... But o well, hope T-ara can get alot of rest for their busy schedule.
  14. One shirt is about $26.08 USD... with shipping it equals to about $43.05 D: that's alot for a shirt... but o well there goes my $43... for an Eunjung Shirt!!!
  15. I would wear the shirt in public lol (I'm a guy too btw) But I would try to keep it as clean as I possibly can lol
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