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  1. They back from Japan~. Although all Citrines want T-ara success, please don't be too tired! Btw Jiyeon and Qri's shorts... are really short...
  2. Looks like they're happy during the recording, and the members I like has appeared~~
  3. Soyeon looks cute and sexy >< I'm jealous >< And EunMin and Boram Qri couples come out together, the magazine editor knows it too! xdd
  4. Hyomin is really cute. And the album will be daebak because of Homin!
  5. Ohhh, they'll give out those photobook... So sad that I didn't order it, but the fans being chosen are really good luck
  6. I need to change the wallpaper now, they are all in HD! And Jiyeon, Qri and Eunjung looks gorgeous in that
  7. The eldest attended and become the ambassador of a game?lolll Btw they looked great in the pics, and also cute and pretty
  8. Ohhh theylook so great in this photo~. Although Jiyeon cannotcome to perform, she still come to support her unnies, hat's great
  9. Actually I recognize Hwayoung only xdd And glad that Jiyeon is not here, she needs a rest definitely...
  10. I like the hairstyle of Boram, and Qri falls on her xdd BTw I want to see some pics of Soyeon...
  11. Hope jiyeon will get well sonn, T-ara is nohing without 7. Jiyeon, get well soon and promote BBBB with T-ara!
  12. Oooo jiyeon just take a rest,it's good for your body, and she looks so pale Btw I wanted to see the show
  13. So many Boram in this set of pics, I think that the uploader has a crush on her? xdd Just kidding btw I can see her closing her eyes cuz she's tired right?
  14. Hwayoung looks so scary in the last pics Btw Qri, Boram and Soyeon stand out in that pic, ther looked so cute
  15. Actually I laughed when I saw Eunjung's expression And what's Boram doing on the Left side? Avatar? xdd
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