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  1. So cuteee T-ara fighting!! Thanks for sharing these
  2. baofu

    [AD/PROMO] More pics from Spris Fall Collection (08/25)

    Eunjung, pretty and sporty as always Thanks for sharing these
  3. baofu

    [CAPS] T-ara at KBS Morning Place (08/25)

    Soyeon... I like her so much wink wink Thanks for sharing these
  4. baofu

    [PRESS] T-ara at Copyright Camp (08/25)

    the girls are cute and flawless as usual... thanks for sharing these
  5. baofu

    [AD/PROMO] More Pics from Iriver (08/25)

    Soyeon!! so cute.. priceless expression thanks for sharing these ad shots
  6. Hardworking Jiyeon really need to rest. Hope she recovers soon
  7. Poor Jiyeon, please get well soon.. T-ara Fighting!!
  8. hyomin is so cute yet elegant thanks for sharing these
  9. baofu

    [CAPS] T-ara - making-of for

    they are so cute with the cat outfits T-ara fighting!!
  10. baofu

    [PICS] T-ara back from SBS Inkigayo (08/28)

    wow, pretty girls... as always thanks for the picture
  11. PLease get well soon Jiyeon. And dont push yourself too hard
  12. I want that Baskins Robins Ice Cream... They look so lovely
  13. jiyeon... so lovely t-ara is in japan, I hope they will come to my country too heheh thanks for sharing these
  14. soyeon is very doll-like thanks for sharing these
  15. so lovely, dungeon fighter? is that a name of a game?
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