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  1. owww...Jihyun shines brightly as always.Thank you for sharing♥♥
  2. cute photos:)) they look good together,thanks for sharing♥
  3. they look pretty=)))) my favourite pic is second one,so cute♥♥
  4. Thank you sooo much for sharing.Love all them ahhh these girls are really really beautiful♥♥♥
  5. ı love Jiyeon's picture.She looks beautiful Thank you so much for sharing♥♥♥
  6. they are so elegant,but they look really tired. thank you for sharing♥
  7. wooow their outfits... ı really like roly poly concept♥♥
  8. they look so beautiful. But Jiyeon and Hwayoung are absent,where are they???
  9. aigo love all them.Thank you so much for sharing... they look soo pretty♥♥
  10. high quality pictures..thank you so much for sharing they look pretty in school uniforms.
  11. eunjung looks pretty as always ı love eunjung's hair.They look so cute♥♥
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