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  1. Lol. Not trying to hate, but should be renamed to Soyeon & Jiyeon - Cry Cry I really don't like this song very much. Seems very repetitive, not very powerful, and don't really get to see all the members...
  2. ^^^^ Yea, for some reason Qri never wears the short shorts? I remember in the Roly Poly performances, when everyone wore short shorts, Qri wore a skirt. Weird
  3. I'll say what I said in the other thread nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why yayaya? I'm not sure if they can handle all the promotions, with this as well as the Korean comback. Hope they won't get tired....
  4. noooooooooooooooooooooo yayaya is the worst song for a single ever! Have no idea why they were promoting it over WAYBLT in Korea and now they choose it as the 2nd japanese single. Sighs.... But even if I don't like the song, hopefully they get good sales ~ T-ara hwaiting!
  5. I'm happy that they are making another comback, but I'm scared that they will be unable to compete with SNSD, KARA, BEG, WG, etc. It's great that there's going to be more T-ara songs and performances, but it'll be a real bummer if they don't win anything to show for their hard work...
  6. FIGHTING!!! Wooo gratz T-ara, really happy that the girls are having such great success for their hard work. Let's hope that they go on to win a few more awards!
  7. I know this was last week but just need to say gratz again! Don't cry....hwaiting!
  8. Loving the white dresses they got on. But it looks like they are the waiters in aprons in the first pic
  9. Yay~~~~~ T-ara hwaiting! Hopefully we can win a few more awards hehe
  10. OMG at their outfits. SO pretty! But why is Hyomin's different to all the others., maybe because she is leader? Haha
  11. All of them so pretty, Jiyeon's wink Gratz on 2 year anniversary!!!
  12. Hehe at Hyomin pouting. She looks beautiful as always!
  13. Thanks for the pictures Can't wait to see the decorations and furniture inside
  14. Wow a cafe Quite unexpected, but I'm sure it will be as successful as the girls are!
  15. Wow, can't believe they are embarrassed by this concept. It looked like they were actually really enjoying it. I think the only embarrasing ones were the maroon PE jumpers haha
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