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  1. To YeIn E&M: Think first before you terminate and ruin someone's dreams, image and reputation.
  2. i love Bridal Mask and Joowon is so freaking great as an actor! i love to see them in one drama someday. that would be so dang epic!
  3. dang!!! i love the teaser!!!! i can't wait for the real one!!! lol and i'm loving Jiyeon's character here. DEAbak! and Jiyeon's glare is a killer!
  4. is she playing a lead role? yay!!! i'm uber excited for this!!! still crossing my fingers for her to get the lead role!
  5. lol maybe she already had her first period now so she thinks that she is now ready to show her sexiness ^^,
  6. i'm super exited for this! i hope all the members will get a fair screen-time.
  7. Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Hwayong and Jiyeon are still my seven wonders of K-pop!
  8. This is ridiculous ! How could he just hire her just like that? Does he even know that T-ara is not just an ordinary girl group in korea and in asia. We are talking about T-ara here---- T-ARA! And he just wants to add an undefined jewel LOL! This is totally unfair to T-ara, they trained their butts out just to be on top and Dani just walked on street and wholaaaa she is now part of T-ara. Bravo KKS!!!! I expected a little about this girl but how could she sing and dance in front of the crowd and face her detractors to prove herself if she is a totally newbie? Feel sorry for her! I put the blame on KKS. So, what is their concept for their next album after she joined the group? Since KKS keeps uttering how innocent she is, maybe their concept is cute, pure and catchy just like the theme in the song "Apple is A" but this time it would be "Banana is B".
  9. I hope she will get well soon! Health is more important, seeing T-ara without Boram on stage is like watching a movie without an audio. I feel so sad about this news. I just hope that she'll comeback soon and hoping that she will still in T-ara. Somehow, i do think that KKS may troll us again. There is a part of me thinking that once KKS decided to kick her out in T-ara, he may use her sickness as an excuse to terminate her. I really wish for her speedy recovery.
  10. I got nose bleed!!! From sexy to cute! What more can you ask for this young girl? DId they just edit her sexy dance? Dang!! At least they should have made it 3:00 minutes longer!
  11. I always said before that I don't know what to say about this issue because I got into T-ara after Hwayoung joined the group. So I looked forward to the new members!...Oh well to be honest. I also disliked it! But I am not against to it! I wanted to give KKS a chance to prove his capabilities in managing a star. His 30 years of experience in running an entertainment company is not a joke lol so i kinda give my hopes on that. And since most of the fans of T-ara said that the popularity of T-ara boosted up after Hwayong joined T-ara..or probably because of their song Roly-Poly. But i just freaked out when they officially stated that a 14 yr old girl will be joining the group. I know age has nothing to do with this because talents are more important! But I just can't accept that there is a minor in T-ara. Just like what Glazella said that fans waited for the maturity of T-ara. So I think that having a minor in the group may cause a little hold back for the maturity of their music. How can they grow as an entertainer if there is a minor in their group that they need to understand and consider her limitations? Don't tell me they will be doing a cute dance just like Bob peeb bop again? Or T-ara will be wearing a ribbon on their hair? hayts!!! I'll just wait and watch what will happen to T-ara.
  12. okay! lol i give up!!!its really official! arghhhhhhhhh!!!! how could a 14 year old be a member of T-ara!??!! i know i don't have the rights to underestimate her because i haven't seen her on stage! but lol i think she is really too young!!!can she make ajussi fans drool over her? lol!!! its awkward!!!
  13. lol i think the choreography is a bit mediocre. The only good thing about the song is that i can finally hear Eunjung's high note!!!! Glad that they give the spotlight on her! Oh well, maybe I should wait for the release of the Song!!!
  14. If KKS wants to improve 7-ara then he should give them a long damn break and give them a more training to enhance their talents! Adding a member is like taking a risk or more like T-ara's one foot is in the grave because they don't know what is heading for their careers! I guess we really need sesang fans now! I know how scary and crazy they are! But i think if they throw a horse s#!t on KKS's face then are complaints will be heard LOL!!!!' I wonder if that 14 year old new member already had her period lol!!! she is too young to be in T-ara lol
  15. Hwayong and Jiyeon are my eternal maknae in T-ara!!!! I'm not pretty much excited about this because i still can't accept that this is happening. But i'm not closing my door for the new members. Lets see how far and what they've got!!!
  16. I want "wildu rosesu"....that song is so catchy and addictive lol...so cute
  17. GAWD!!!Why its so HOT in here? or its just because of the hotness of Jiyeon?
  18. I want to participate in the contest even if there is a low chance for me to win lol...please can you pst the link here.
  19. This is also the same with slave contract...seven members are on pressure right now, with just one mistake a huge punishments awaist from them.
  20. lol its funny because T-ara is already done in promoting this song hahahah
  21. Does Mavin know how HOT is Jiyeon? lol??!!!! LOL he got a kiss from the most beautiful girl in korea....what a lucky kid!!!
  22. i am more excited for the youtube channel lol... finally!!!been waiting for this for such a long time....
  23. KKS you are ridiculous. T-ara is the most diligent girl group i have ever known and now you are calling them LAZY? This is totally non sense. If this is his way of marketing then, its failed... I’m sure some of T-ara fans will not remain as Queens if their bias will be taken out. If he wants T-ara to stay in the cycle of fame, then he should improve more their talents and divide the part of the song fairly.
  24. I beg to disagree!!WTF a sudden change? Does T-ara need that? they are one of the most successful girl group in Korea, so, i don't think this is a bright idea. They should have improve more about their marketing and promotion but a CHANGE!!! is definitely a NO! No!
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