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  1. daebak! maybe it will reach 100 million views soon enough..wahh!! t-ara fighting!
  2. horseback riding, aegyo doing, bright and sunny leader of T-ara Hyomin unnie...
  3. they look good together...i'm jealous..but Eunjung unnie got Janggoonim already...
  4. Hyomin unnie is a bright and sunny leader..hope she can do the best in leading the T-ara unnies..
  5. they look pretty stylish for the retro John Travolta concept..they are very pretty...
  6. Qri unnie's big eyes...Soyeon unnies' candid picture..and the selcas are really pretty and adorable..
  7. all of them look so beautiful...but really skinny..eat well t-ara unnies!!
  8. Hyomin unnie! take care of yourself! don't force yourself too much...you must take good care of your health..!!
  9. wow! congratulations T-ara unnies!! you are becoming more and more successful in each comeback...!
  10. i wonder how will it turn up to be since its in Japanese..hahaha! really really anticipating!!
  11. Qri unnie is totally an ullzzang..she's so pretty !! LOL their pose for selcas are really funny!
  12. he doesn't look like jiyeon..but in one picture he kinda look like Jang Geun Seuk..
  13. they should not be embarrassed .. they should just enjoy themselves.. every costume/outfit will became a part of your sweetest memory..
  14. wow! so many versions of roly poly ~ hope they take good care of themselves..
  15. Hyomin unnie fighting!!! You can do it!!! Hope the movie will be a huge hit!!
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