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  1. Honestly, i ship Jiyeon with the other idols. But i am happy if Jiyeon happy. Please take care of her, Lee Dong Gun Ahjussi hehe. You've won our princess' heart
  2. I hope knetz wont hate t-ara anymore after the show airing. I am worried because knetz often commented bad stuff to them. T-ara doesnt deserve those hate. But, i cant wait for eunjung solo debut ^^ Good luck for Eunjung Eonnie!
  3. Awww. Jiyeon is so pretty. Hope she will use more natural make up like this than thick make up. Sometimes I prefer her innocent looks. I like her sexy looks too but with thin eyeliner. But never mind. Jiyeon is always my favorite idol
  4. OMG, I really hope she will get lead role in many dramas. btw thank you for sharing this link video
  5. woaah, i like those pics. i like the girls with those outfit. jiyeon is pretty as always and eunjung is super duper pretty and cool too. cant wait for the MV. hope they get super duper hit with this ^^
  6. feeling so good because all of them have their own solo now!! i like all of the preview but because i love ballad so much, so i really like soyeon's and jiyeon's lets support them, Queens! ^^
  7. i will not watch five fingers for sure! oh my GOD, SBS makes me really disappointed. they are really unprofessional.
  8. noooo >.< i am waiting this drama because of eunjung. if eunjung give up her role, i dont know if Five Finger still in my list or not. hope this is not true.
  9. honestly, i prefer read news from tiaradiadem because fans here are more mature than AKP. they dont know anything and say something bad about the others members. we dont live in the same dorm with hwayoung and 6-ara, so we dont know exactly what happen between them. i think, maybe 6-ara ever bullied hwayoung, but it was the past. when we watched hello baby, we can see hwayoung was outcast. but in pretty boys, i think 6-ara treat her better and hwayoung looks so happy. i believe hwayoung isn't bad person, so are the other members. hope KKS never lied again and hwayoung can rejoin t-ara. i dont want t-ara disbandment
  10. i still believe 7-ara. maybe 6-ara ever bullied hwayoung, but it's the past. two years have passed and i believe they treat hwayoung better. do you know, guys? when i watch hello baby, i admit hwayoung was outcast. but i think in pretty boys, hwayoung is more cheerful and she is actively talking with other members.
  11. i am sad about hwayoung, but i dont believe at all eunjung, jiyeon, hyomin, soyeon, and boram bullied her. like hyomin mention before, there is a reason. and we dont know 'the reason' because KKS doesnt want us to know. i am not crazy fans, so i am not defending the wicked. but the problems is... not hwayoung who said t-ara's members bullied her. i think KKS who did something wrong to her. but i am glad eunjung is not being replaced because she is really talented. support t-ara please
  12. i am glad nickhun's part with jiyeon didnt edited. congratulations for them seriously they are so cute together
  13. thank you for sharing. i cant wait this episode. Running Man PD (or someone else keke) is really smart to ask eunjung (or jiyeon, but i dont mind because both of them are t-ara) to join this special episode. really love if next time they ask t-ara members again to join RM.
  14. hope jiyeon can be the guest for the next episode. seriously i miss her in running man but because i know jiyeon is sick, i support eunjung too no matter what hope someday all of t-ara members (at least 7members which have the same number with RM members) can be the guest.
  15. i like it seriously i miss jiyeon in running man. glad to know our jiyeon can be the guest with awesome boys haha. hope jiyeon can win the game
  16. although i really like jiyeon, in those photos, soyeon is the best! (in my opinion) btw, all of them looks pretty. cant wait the MV. t-ara fighting!
  17. their personalities are so sweet. i wish KKS imitate their personalities. t-ara can be the models for their CEO
  18. delayed, delayed, and delayed again. is it one of his hobbies? no matter what, i still wait the teaser.
  19. i wanna buy jiyeon's and eunjung's rain coat. so cute OMG thank you for sharing. those girls really looks pretty
  20. kyaaa thank you so much cyclone ^^ the scans are good and the girls are reaaaaally pretty. no doubt 7t-ara members are Queens. their tiaras are gorgeous. you are the best, cyclone
  21. the girl looks pretty in 4th pic. but, still jiyeon is the prettiest for me. let's see her talent then because 'pretty' isn't enough to put her in the big girl group like t-ara. and for Dani? i am sorry. i still cant accept her because the age and many more. but of course, i support t-ara (7members or *sigh* 9 members)
  22. okay, let me see how good she is in singing and dancing. but, if she is too good in both of singing and dancing, i still feel she and 8th member can form new group like J&J.
  23. wow. they are soooo pretty like real queens thank you for sharing
  24. miss them. really happy because i see jiyeon take the pictures with JB and jinwoon kekeke. the reason why i like JB is because he treated jiyeon so well in real life.
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