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  1. jiyeon look so cute and sexy!! other members also sexy......
  2. jiyeon want driven license!! jiyeon fighting... it gonna be hard
  3. jiyeon gonna be busy with drama and her new song.. anyway t ara fighting
  4. t ara music video for 17 min it's too long but i can't wait for it aja aja fighting!!
  5. t ara fighting!! sayeon will be the leader next year yahoo.. aja aja fighting
  6. Emoticons and impressions like ‘Wow’ ‘Yey’ ‘LOL’ ‘WOW’ ‘Hehe’ ‘Haha’ ‘ahhhh’ ‘awwww’ and etc are not considered as a word.

  7. Please remember to follow the rules and not to spam! Spamming could be a double post, a reply less than 10 words long or an off-topic post. This is a quick PM to notify you, but if you get caught spamming again, you will get your warn level increased!

  8. t ara song very nice.. they should be number 1.. and always number 1..
  9. jiyeon brother was so cute and handsome.. same as jiyeon... jiyeon fighting
  10. hyomin the sexy girl... i like your style anyway.. t ara fighting
  11. hi my name is zeti...

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