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  1. It was so fun and adorable!! It actually took me a while to do qri's mission because I couldn't remember all the colors haha... Well done. You guys are awesome. I love how you added all the member's little quirks too and the "schedule" page was hilarious.
  2. im going to cry if any of the members are taken out. does he realize how hard he's made them work?!? how could he just take that away from any one of them? "regardless of their popularity" is some bs. t-ara is not going to get any more popular unless they add a snsd member or something, in fact they will probably lose fans if a member is removed. i love ALL of them, regardless of talent or whatever. my girls...what a nightmare.
  3. is soyeon wearing hyomin's jacket? i seem to recall seeing that horrible furry monster before
  4. YAY so happy for them!! i loved the roly poly mv and the whole retro concept
  5. sooooo excited. cant wait to see qri's acting and find out how the story is resolved
  6. wow this is awesome!! i hope they can win some music show awards soon! cry cry is an amazing song
  7. it looks AMAZING. jiyeon is such a badass. cant wait for the whole thing
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