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  1. Aww Eunjung is so nice! Love her! Hyomin is lucky to have her help
  2. SOOOOO cute!!! dies...............why cant i take good selca like these xD bo beep days......ahh when i fell in love with t-ara!
  3. her eyes are to die for man........she looks great both way.....feminine and tomboyish xD
  4. loly poly loly loly poly~ haha their pronouciation is super cute! addicted to this song
  5. hyomin is a goddess in general! she's great at everything~ so much news about hyomin lately and im loving it!
  6. great decision J-ROCK! that's a lot of money xD t-ara hwaiting!
  7. im pretty sure they have more than one fan in every single country!! they need a world tour right now!
  8. they're definitely getting a lot of CF offers! goes to show how popular t-ara is now! congrats girls!
  9. omg....her eyes is huge xD she definitely resemble Candy~ so adorable
  10. omg........so freaking cute.......i can stare at her all day seriously... her hair is so cute....i always want to tie my hair in a bun like that!
  11. she looks like jessica here O: just bigger eyes xD why are you so beautiful!! wish i had her eyes..........
  12. oh wow really?! yay! maybe i can finally learn a kpop dance xD
  13. lol! such a stalker manager!! i would take pictures like these too though especially if it's eunjung xD if only i look that great while sleeping....
  14. wow.........she's freaking popular~ but i can see why xD she's so cute! i just want to give her a big hug everytime i see her pictures
  15. as long as she looks great in it! i would look horrible in that xD love her eye makeup O:
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