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  1. Is Jiyeon fine now? Plz be careful your knee and your condition.
  2. I hope she'll return fast. But Plz take care of yourself JIyeon~>< It's time for your rest.
  3. I think Japanese version PV should be a great success too.I can't wait their debut in japan! T-ara fwaiting~
  4. wow. $2 million USD?! How many money will they make at next song? Anyway I'm looking forward to releasing their next song.
  5. Wow. It's .... It's .... It's a little bit weird. I guess it's too much
  6. Boram and Hwayong are so adorable. Particularly this Hwayong is more better than her other pics
  7. They all are soooooooo cute! I can't wait their Japanese debut on September 28th.......
  8. Thanks for sharing! I like this pics of RolyPoly cos a little funny
  9. wow,awesome! How many KRWs do they make per hour?
  10. Hyomin fighting~ But you have to care about your health like Eungjung have said cos she has too tight schedule.
  11. I think seriously I wish I had been there.cos I were in Tokyo on July 5th. But they'll debut in Japan in September! They'll show their beautiful in Japanese TV show too. I can't wait september
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