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  1. Funny how they did half a good job on matching names and pictures : they mixed Boram with EunJung, got So Yeon birth name but not Qri real name : Lee Ji Hyun. In any case, those things always happen, at least it looks like a good article.
  2. There's one word that comes out when I read this : "stupid". But let's remain polite. Lovey Dovey single and the album Jewelry Box are joint releases. It doesn't compare with the previous singles which were the actual release. Here, the single of Lovey Dovey is just a preview of the album, or a plus for collectors of T-ara. Seriously people, how hard is that to understand ?
  3. The point isn't to sell singles there, but to sell albums. Those sales are just a bonus, wait for the album release. Plus, T-ara has a solid longevity in Japan. Bo Peep stayed relevant in the charts for about 5 months. It sold above 130k while its 1st week was 50k. For a "prophet" you're a bit outdated. Like someone answered you, the album is coming out in a few days. Kara barely did better last November when they released a single a month before the album. Those sales are just a bonus, it's the album sales that matter. Besides, the last Korean artist who did the same thing (U-Kiss and 2ne1) barely sold 3k of their singles, while the album sold about 20k. So yeah, 19k is really good for this kind of release. And don't forget that the album contains original Japanese tracks as well.
  4. 19k ??? That's huge ! Really didn't expect that much since the album is coming out in a few days. The last time Korean artist did so (U-Kiss and 2ne1) they only sold about 3k of their single while their album did about 20k. Well, those are flop artists in Japan but still, 19k is an amazing feature. Now there's hope the album will break the 100k margin within its first week.
  5. They're not flopping. The album is being released now, Lovey Dovey single was just an appetizer. Who's going to splash its cash on a single when a week later we can get the full album for a few extra yen ? If Lovey Dovey single sold 10k that would already be an amazing feature, Kara didn't much better the last time they did so and the album went on to sell hundred of thousands. Just learn your history before bashing.
  6. KKS isn't T-ara's CEO in Japan. It's the CEO from J-Rock that is responsible of them there. But T-ara wasn't in Japan, KKS did accompany the girls on their trip, remember T-ara Dot Com ? That episode where he's giving losts of money to the members to do some shopping. In any case, it's natural for a father to travel with his daughters. This will be a nice family trip. If only Davichi could tag along.
  7. Why do I keep repeating everybody that KKS loves T-ara! Now they're taking a Euro trip together ! Are there still some people who think KKS is evil and hates T-ara now ? By the way : THIS IS A REAL FAMILY COMPANY. Taking days off to spend time together is the real deal, not just saying random stuff on TV to pretend to have any bonds with company mates when really there isn't any (yes Cube, yes JYP, I'm talking about you)
  8. From the looks of it, it's great but... everything Hyomin has been personally involved before had it shares of disappointment : 5dolls outfits, her role in her Summer movie, which apparently she rewrote to make it better (can't imagine how bad it was before then....), T-ara's MV's editing where a lot of mistakes can be seen.... and now that.... don't know what to think of it. Maybe she should just focus on singing lessons for a while. No they don't. They're KKS group, but they were moved to GM CM along with Co-ed.
  9. kKS is the KING! Everybody knows the 3rd year is the most determining one in Kpop. Remember how 2PM talked about it last Summer, remember how Big Bang took a 2 years hiatus from Korea after 2008 and how they nearly disbanded last year. Look at how bored seems some of SNSD members now ; T-ara is the cream of Kpop now, it's certain some members might to do the efforts anymore since they're assured to score big with anything they release for the next 2 years (if they keep on releasing material). I guess this is necessary, and I hope it will help T-ara to stay an active group for years and years instead of backing off from activities and disband in the coming years. I think, Ji Yeon is the most unstable member there, along with Qri and Boram. We'll see what happens but my initial dream of finally having a nearly original member, Soomi, finally joining the one and only group she belongs to, is coming to reality !
  10. My bet is on Soomi joining the group. But I hope no one leaves. I could never love T-ara as much as I do now if one member goes.
  11. T-ara sold about 42K on its first week on oricon, plus Tower Record and DVD sales, with each single costing about 20$, I guess it's about 750,000$ USD. But it's not sales, but royalties T-ara is donating, meaning the money they would have earned from the sales after the distributor, producers, etc. paid themselves. I guess their donation for the 1st week of sales is about 100,000$ USD then. It's so great of them to do so.
  12. "No, a break is when the girls aren't expected to promote. " This isn't called a break then, it's called "disbandment". The only artist that ends a promotion span with no set plans are 4minute and U-Kiss. Look at where they are now.... The T-ara members may need a break, they do not need to do nothing. They're used to having a lot of activities every day. Of course, having a short holiday would be good, but they already had a few days in Paris, plus Japan is a sort of holidays if you consider the little perfs they're doing over there. T-ara has a special rhythm and it works that way. If you give a whole month of holidays to the girls I'm a 150% sure none of them will agree to it. Being an idol, singing, recording, rehearsing, attending event and variety shows isn't just their work, it's their life. It's not like they need a break to focus on their own passion, they're living their passion. All they need is to restore their health, and that is done by sleeping correctly while living an easy going life with maybe a couple of activities a week, and that's what they're doing right now and until mid-May when they'll be recording and learning choreos. But then again, T-ara learns choreo in a blink, that's why they're always granted special perfs on certain year end shows and such. Plus; don't forget that they will only have to record a couple of songs for the Japanese album.
  13. Man seriously ? All this isn't until June. The girls are currently on break. It's a 3 months vacation for Christ's sake!!! Isn't it long enough? I wish all those fans would stop making arse of themselves by crying for T-ara's break where they're already resting and have 3 months to relax while doing little activities. Hello ! The break is NOW and for the next 3 months for Christ sake!!!
  14. Woho!!! 2 dates at the Budokan!!! It took about 10 years for a lot now Japanese legend acts to perform there. This will surely be one of the highlight of their career. I remember the members of The Back Horn crying on stage while performing a song on their first Bodukan ever. This is huge !
  15. Wou.... Safe! 40k was a must do for RP. After the week sales on the 1st day, I was rather worried, but 41K is ok. It will surely go on to become another Gold Disk for T-ara. That's good.
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