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  1. sistra, di isi itu birthday messages nya....banyak yang dari indonesia..nice....http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20582&st=80

  2. ayo mo nyari video apaan lo lol

  3. tikkaaaaa ummaa...... i want it. give me the password :)

  4. me too, i already had an account at 930607.com, but maybe double if i download . i don't care I want to add this to my collection too .
  5. same as adi, these characters for? game or animation? Jiyeon's Character is cool, i like her outfit . where is soyeon&boram?
  6. damn!!!. jiyeon~ah. so sexy and hot, i go crazy beacause of you
  7. yeah that's it, everyone can not wait to see the antagonist jiyeon . fighting!!!
  8. you can use, hidemyassdotcom for watch this video. but low quality video.
  9. get well soon jiyeon. I hope ccm can give vacations a few days, because they work too overworking, their schedules are too busy. jiyeon filming the drama on the dream high.
  10. weks sori comment ente baru kebaca sekarang, wkwkwk...

    kalo dimari sering nemunya anak T-Ara IDWS sih bro, jadi penghuni trit Indonesia semua :P

  11. hello! :D

    where you come from?

    ini dari kaskus yeh, avanya pernah liat.

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