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  1. Oh, my god! I can not wait for it! It seems that there is still so long! It will be a double of the talent and beauty ~~ HyoYoung cut your hair just to complicate our lives >______< but I think can still recognize them!
  2. I can still see that Hwayoung seems uncomfortable, hope it goes away soon and she can move on! It really is so hard to see performances without Eunjung or another member! Has missing a glow on the stage :||||||||||| SoYeon and Jiyeon always seems so committed to the stage!
  3. uhauhaua I love the style 'ballad modern' in the photos! But I think that their effects used could be better
  4. and I can't wait for this! I love Davichi too, but I hope that even with more two people singing, Hwayoung can sing more than two lines of this song ~ I need to hear your voice this Christmas!
  5. Hey long time no talkie talkie!lol how are you?

  6. Eunjung and Jiyeon are very beautiful! But the hair of Eunjung seems so clear ... she looks better with darker hair! For me, the most beautiful clothes is the of Hwa ~
  7. Legs of EunJung are very beautiful! She's absolutely beautiful!
  8. aigoo~sorry for the late reply my baby >"< so much works to do on school, busy and tired TT^TT

  9. lol don't be jealous, my eyes is misty a little bit!>.<

  10. Being a moderator seems to be a lot of responsibility ~ Oh, but my omma seems very responsible!

    But what do we do? If my omma is no more staff, it means that she's unemployed! Aigoo ... having to cut spending *by imagining that we are living in an apartment as a family*

  11. Nobody believed in the love of Brazilian kpopper ç__ç

    I was the side out of the club where the event would be, but I saw someone's hand when they went on the bus (I believe is the Mir *u* )

  12. kekeke my friend came to tell me who Thuunder had lived in the Philippines, and I said that my mother lives there too kekeke

    Aigoo ... I was at the event. but everything went very wrong ... the event's organizers were not imagine that so many people, and rented a small place .... for 1,000 people ... but, no doubts, were over 6,000 people! Nobody believed in the love of Brazilian k...

  13. lol i'm from philippines!you are from Brazil right?..

  14. and oh > / / <..) I'm going to re-apply if I want to become staff here again.. :D heehe,my first plan was not actually to be a mod here, instead I want to be a graphics des. but I dunno. omma is still lacking that time and landed me to be a green-mod. XP

  15. oh soo I'm really bad omma then, > / / /<..) oh no baby soonie yah! haha! running from home??!! haha,I bet if one of my bias come here too,I'll probably do that,but since I'm older enuf,no one will hunt me down. ^ T ^..) oh I love chundoong and g.o.,I remmber wen dara and thunder still living here on my country.. I was in highschool that time. :D

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