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  1. lol yeah... I just read it 7st ??? not 7th ? I am sure, the MV will be like Lovey Dovey. at least there will be 2 ver of MV. 1 ver for the 2nd part of day by day, and the other one will be dance ver.. with their true concept. anticipate !!! but hope the song is not like Lovey Dovey album. just 2 new song added with 5 previous song.. ;
  2. waiting for it.. hope the song sound good >_< t-ara hwaiting !
  3. brian junsu

    Official Album Cover

    DAEBAK ! colorful !
  4. brian junsu

    Official Album Cover

    DAEBAK ! colorful !
  5. yuhuu! thx for sharing i like this~ i hope the fim got success hyomin hwaiting, t-ara hwaiting !
  6. yay ! i am happy to hear this news :3 roly poly was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome, right ? i love it~~~ roly poly~ roly roly poly~~
  7. yuhuuuu ! thanks ! can't wait for their comeback.. i hope the concept isbetter & also the outfit. actually i little dissapointed about their outfit on the stage that look monotone in every music show. but..... T-ARA still look charm XD
  8. wow.. cute... my jiyeon XD thx for sharing.. i love all the pict.. well, i hope you can make a rar file >_< but it's ok for now.. thanks again~
  9. thx for sharing !!!! spcially for the rar XD i love the picture XD t-ara jjang !!
  10. yiippiieeee ! bigger size XD love it~ thanks ! it really help me to editing ^____________^ t-ara jjang !
  11. THANKS ! pretty eunjung XDD love her so much in this drama.. t-ara jjang !
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