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  1. thanks for the pictures. I miss them so much on programs =(
  2. how come i lost that performance.... they all look very tempting XD T-ara fighting!!!!! Hwayoung fighting!!!!! I know hwa is happy for them too
  3. Yeah!!!!! First to comment. XD They look stunning as always. T-ara ~fighting~
  4. In Macao there are buses with SNSD's Yuri and Tiffany gee poster. Kpop is getting really worldwide. XD
  5. the girls look beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing the photos. I have a question. Was Hyomin there?
  6. She's got a nice fashion sense or she is just too pretty. Or maybe both ^^ the pics. Thx for sharing.
  7. Jiyeon is dressed differently because she was the MC, right? Anyways, I love her dress. Roly Poly hwating!!!!!!! T-ara fighting!!!
  8. jiyeon = DEABAK!!!!! She looks stunning and beautiful ^^
  9. It is not actually that scary. Just take out the blood and it will become a sexy pic hahahaha
  10. I love running man and the fact that Jiyeon is the guest i will love it more!!!!!!!!! haha T-ara Fighting!!
  11. Gag concert is funny but it gets very annoying so I never finish watching it, and 40 sec is too short TT.
  12. I prefer the original better, but this is very nice and funny. ^^
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