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    playing xbox<--call of duty:black ops!!, eating, sleeping, watching tv, playing with my bros, hangin out w/ ma freinds, playing DOTA<---it's an awesome game try it!! and also Counter strike and Starcraft....n__n
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  1. she will NEVER be able to as ling as T-ara is under CCM!! this is KKS we are talking for pete's sake!! we all know how BRUTAL and stupid he is!
  2. sometimes, i think that the public don't want their apology...i think they want T-ara to ADMIT to the 'supposedly" bullying. Even if they apologize for doing nothing, the public would just search MORE about -ve things about them. The damage has been done, i just wished Hwayoung would have tweeted earlier saying it's ALL a misunderstanding, instead of "Facts that are not true". In my POV, i think she purposely did it. a SELFISH move.
  3. http://meme52.tumblr.com/post/28332508042/regarding-to-that-announcement-made-by-kks-which-in-my http://meme52.tumblr.com/post/28332745938/to-heechulie-clap-clap-tears-of-joy http://meme52.tumblr.com/post/28254355009/to-those-close-minded-queens http://meme52.tumblr.com/post/28334079938/lol-to-those-ex-queens-who-says-goodbye-t-ara The above link are my say to the WHOLE WORTHLESS ISSUE.
  4. BUT WHYYYYYYYYY??!! wtf?!! i was sooo excited then..this news comes!! uff...no offence to eunjung fans but...i was REALLY looking forward for baby dino here!!
  5. they're not living in the dorm together?!!! has KKS become soooooooooooo CHEAP??!! BABY DINO!!<33
  6. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!! my baby dino will be on running man!!! about timeee~!! <33 u blonde baby dino!! keke~
  7. well....kind a accepting Dani slowly by slowly..why?? not because i'm the QUEEN's BUT...because the only problem that's bothering me was...she wouldn't fit the ROLE, like...i couldn't imagine HER a 14 yr. old/baby looking, won't match T-ara in pictorials!!....but what i have seen here, she looks mature...you know, NOT BABY/CHILD looking!! soo, keep it up Dani...and PUHLISSSSS DON'T ACT LIKE A CHILD!!
  8. she IS CUTE...BUTTTTTT...she's gonna attract pedos!!!! LOOOL! i'm kind a SLOWLY accepting her as the 9th member because of her humbleness (when she said that she would debut in dec. blah blah blah)...but i can't still imagine her doing a photoshoot together with T-ara!! LOOL! i can just imagine how baby dino will baby her like how she babies the moon bros.!!
  9. Zelda


    is there a LOVE button??!! LOOL!
  10. woahhhhhhhhhh~!! BABY DINO!!! SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! that last pic with EUnjung!!! gashhh!! baby dino!!! <333
  11. wrtrykyl xrfyhk hflghxklghlghgj where is baby dino? my most lovable adorable dino??
  12. ok....T-ara is looking like, they're TOO DESPERATE to sell 500,000!! are they not that popular? i dunno, even in their lovey dovey they PROMISED that they'll do this and stuff if they win....its kind a weird! they're becoming too DESPERATE...this just proves that they are not popular.....
  13. damnnnnnnnnnnn!!! all their hits are in there!!! wahhhttt??!! baby dino ftw!!
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