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  1. eunjung always being lovable <3 if only she show a bright smile ~~
  2. i think eunjung wanna hit someone out there lol beware !!!!
  3. omg.. jiyen's so beautiful.. melted by her smile never get boring watch this mv o.O
  4. arghhhhhh jiyeon in school uniform so cuutteee can't waiting for watching running man
  5. she isn't that fat imo, but only her thigh which slightly big, which is only her flaw i think T_T would be nice if her thigh thinner, btw she's still adorable and lovable
  6. lol that 2nd pic, she came out so cute lol yeah true, dinosaur jiyeon like at heroes hahahahha
  7. waw eunjung so gorgeous, she came out pretty even when sleeping, wanna hug her for once
  8. waaaaaaaa i missed it T_T wonder when t-ara held a concert in indonesia, i'm gonna attend it for sure !!! t-ara fighting !!!!
  9. lol, sleepyhead eunjung, i think she avoid sunray hahahhaha she's so white @@
  10. eunjung daebak !!! hahahhaha her expression is so cute she show it on wgm too ~~
  11. thanks for sharing, gonna change my wallpaper to soyeon's wonder she look prettier here
  12. omg, i wanna that photobook !!!! now !!!! eunjung <3 wish i can get it on order
  13. omg, soyeon's picture came out so pretty i'm underrated her before now she no 3 in my fave (after eunjung and jiyeon) t-ara fighting !!!
  14. they both look so gorgeous.. if only their outfit swapped, i think that's better lol
  15. oh man, i'm dying... eunjung and jiyeon look great there hahahaha t-ara fighting !!!
  16. i wanna have that photobook @_@ does someone know where i can get / order it ?
  17. wow !!! daebakk !!! 2m us$ !!! are you sure ???? that's alllloooootttt fighting !!!!
  18. bye bye korean version of roly poly and waiting for japanese version of roly poly bo peep bo peep mv feel great too, eunjung so pretty there
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