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  1. I was fascinated by see those pictures... JiYeon and SoYeon adorable
  2. argh... somebody can give me a link for download that's full show with Eng subs ?? please...please
  3. thanks for sharing the picture... I like the concept at this picture and also the song
  4. Their outfit are quite unique... Qri still showing her feminine side
  5. JiYeon looks like a Japanese girl... daebak~~ hopefully T-ara can continue to advance in Japan... GO T-ara !! Hwaiting !!
  6. just see the cover,,I already want to have it... good for collection
  7. I completely fascinated by Jiyeon... she very awesome there
  8. Wow 30 minutes MV,,I can't wait to see the new MV 1 bilion won... I hope the new song may be favored more than 1 milion people... go T-Ara go !!
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