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  1. Congrats T-ara !!! Hope they continue to do well in Japan! T-ara hwaiting ! Cant wait for their comeback too...
  2. Hyomin looks really pretty + effects, wow very nice! How about the other members??
  3. Wow, T-ara retro queens, sounds good! Everyone is lovely as always!
  4. Wow, very nice picture of Eunjung there! Can't wait to see the picture of all of them - even Minkyung look really pretty here!
  5. WOW, 1 Billion won??!?! That's a lot! 30 minutes MV, that's long, should be an interesting storyline~ Going all out for this comeback, I hope the results would be fantastic! T-ara hwaiting!
  6. Wow, so many stuffs to buy I hope I got enough for this! I really want one!
  7. I wish I was a Japanese!! They are so lucky! The girls look really pretty in apron!
  8. Waaaaa, this look so good!!! Boram you're too cute!! *melts* Bought Roly Poly a week before this came out!!! Now it seems I have to buy this too!
  9. Jiyeon!!! She look sad but very pretty! Hope she rest well and recover fast, she's always participating since her knee got injured! Boram, as cute as always! ^^
  10. Hyomin look so cute and pretty here! Very nice hairstyle.. Hyomin expression is so likeable!
  11. Waaaaa, everyone is so pretty!! Can't wait for their Japanese debut! Hope they have great success!! T-ara fighting!
  12. Aaaaaaah, Boram so pretty and cute!! Very nice hairstyle! Where is Jiyeonnie ??? And why is Eunjung hair like that ? Haha. Hwayoung not bad as pretty as always! ^^
  13. Wow, 2 million !! Congrats T-ara! Really proud of them! Hope T-ara do really well in Japan! T-ara hwaiting!
  14. Awwwwwww, I'm going to miss them! At least their comeback is pretty near.. Can't wait for that! I hope T-ara have great success in Japan! T-ara jjang!!!
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