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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about those outfits, but otherwise they look fantabulous and look supremely adorable haha
  2. Haha, I really love this version, not as much as the orgiginal (of course) but it has a feeling anout it that makes it so incredibly catchy
  3. Just because Kara and SNSD paved the way, doesn't mean T-ara can't drive on the road! (Super cheesy phrase I just made up, I know XD) Now that Japan has experienced the "Hallyu Wave" in all its glory, the Japanese can have the pleasure of listening to our very own...T-ara!
  4. I love how they care so much fro their fans, they even fanservice during an event where they should just be enjoying it themselves! They're oh so considerate and know what the crowd wants
  5. I hope all the best for the girls! They are only one of many who have dared to go to Japan, and are also just as qualified as Kara and SNSD to be super popular I'm hoping the Japanese version of Bo Peep will be good though, because sometimes I get too attached to the Korean version of songs
  6. Lookin' gorgeous as always I would be excited to see the movie, except that I'm a total chicken when it comes to horror flicks XD But I'm sure they were great in it!
  7. You go girl! You show the director who's the actress! I'm glad Hyomin told off the director. She's an actress, and needs to be treated like a serious actress!
  8. Not gonna lie, it was pretty funny Eunjung definitely stole the show with her 'over-dancing,' but she was cute while doing it and thet's all that matters XD
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