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  1. i agree that soyeon shouldnt be blamed solely.. but really who are the other 2 people?? they are no where near in the public eye as soyeon is .
  2. This is the translated from google translate lol...too bad its literally word for word so it doesnt make sense.. and i really dont feel like sorting it out lol.. if you read hangul here ill put it after the english crap translation lol... News] Lee Jin Ho 'I might have been too harsh' Talent and Tiara So-yeon radiant untimely controversy Gossip 'online hot, heats of late in the facts of the case unfolds, is attracting attention. So-yeon for grudges edit only irritating part. "Controversy" seems eNEWS in a phone call with an official said on acquaintances in real stitch "the dialog to point to a particular celebrity, but the remark was" he explained said. The Internet community bulletin So-yeon the cacao stories in the last 16 days the polished to capture conversations and Soissons, actress photo came up. Photos captured inside the same clothes me. "" So-yeon and Soissons dressed all luxury brands of T-shirts commented sponsored Shua "saved" clothes difficult, suppose derogatory referring to Catherine Celebrity So-yeon "These days, the brand that the sister he invariably dressed as ... I can not wear, do not wear" answer to whether the allegations were . Replied, "not a stitch?" Badged Soissons and the polished each other after such radiant "Stitch angry?" Following the controversy "old stitch" even'm old? "Punctuated Cacao story eNEWS from the pictures obtained to confirm the results of these conversations was far from the first place, Gossip and Those photos look So-yeon's friend Kenzo man-to-man wearing a T-shirt carrying a cell phone posing sponsored Made, and a similar shape and stitch the upper part of the character emerged as the previously mentioned conversation took place. Particularly controversial stitch which was' angry 'old' stitch ', was used as a wrinkled T-shirt character' Stitch 'angry (angry seems), the meaning of' wrinkled old stitch (was). So-yeon's friend had to stitch wedding on the eve of the wedding was referring to another acquaintance. The information published on the Internet, but was salvaged edit these malicious conversed. "Deplorable" incident inflate and spreading like a real gossip "through the aftermath of last year, Tiara netizens with some hard feelings seem to be this thing we ever," said the official said. [이진호 기자] ‘너무 가혹한 것이 아닌가 싶다.’ 티아라 소연과 탤런트 윤이나의 때아닌 ‘험담 논란’이 온라인을 뜨겁게 달구고 있는 가운데, 사건의 진상이 뒤늦게 밝혀져 관심을 모으고 있다. 한 관계자는 eNEWS와의 전화 통화에서 “소연에 대한 악감정으로 자극적인 부분만 편집돼 논란이 인 것 같다”면서 “해당 대화는 특정 연예인을 가리킨 것이 아니라 진짜 스티치를 입은 지인을 두고 나온 말 이었다”고 해명했다. 최근 인터넷 커뮤니티 게시판에는 소연이 지난 16일 카카오스토리에 배우 윤이나, 수아와 나눈 대화를 캡처한 사진이 올라왔다. 캡쳐된 사진 속에는 소연과 수아가 입은 모 명품브랜드의 티셔츠를 보고 "나와 똑같은 옷이네"라고 댓글을 단 내용이 담겼다. 이에 수아가 "옷을 어렵게 구했다"고 하자 소연은 "요즘 그 브랜드를 그 언니께서 죄다 입으시니...난 못 입어, 안 입어"라고 답해 선배 연예인을 지칭해 비하한 것이 아니냐는 의혹이 일었다. 이에 윤이나가 "스티치 아니야?"라는 답글을 달았고 수아와 윤이나는 이후 서로 "화난 스티치?" "늙은 스티치" "심지어 늙었어?"라는 글을 이어가 논란으로 불거졌다. 하지만 eNEWS에서 해당 카카오 스토리 사진을 입수해 확인한 결과 이들의 대화는 애당초 험담과는 거리가 멀었다. 해당 사진에는 겐조 맨투맨 티셔츠를 입은 소연의 지인이 핸드폰을 들고 포즈를 취하는 모습이 담겼다. 캐릭터의 상단 부분이 부각이 되면서 스티치와 비슷한 모양이 만들어졌고, 이에 앞서 언급한 대화가 이뤄졌다. 특히 논란이 됐던 ‘화난 스티치’, ‘늙은 스티치’는 구겨진 티셔츠 캐릭터 ‘화난 스티치’(화난 것처럼 보인다), ‘늙은 스티치(주름졌다)의 의미로 쓰였다. 소연의 지인들이 나누었던 스티치 결혼식에 대한 내용은 결혼식을 앞둔 또 다른 지인을 지칭했다. 하지만 인터넷 상에 공개된 내용들은 이들이 악의적인 대화를 나눈 것인양 편집됐다. 이 관계자는 “지난 해 티아라 사태 이후 일부 악감정을 가진 네티즌들을 통해 이번 일이 이뤄진 것 같다”면서 “마치 진짜 험담을 한 것처럼 사건이 부풀려지고 퍼지는 것이 안타깝다”고 말했다.
  3. I think when he put perfectionists he meant more so how korean fans view entertainers and every aspect of those entertainers lives.. be it business or personal.. Also in general, Asia is more about "face" value.. meaning how your percieved and viewed is huge in most asian cultures.Alot of asian cultures judge peoples characters and it really holds ALOT of weight when people decide what kinda of person they think you are...Any thing done to deface or lower the public view of that is considered really bad, its more about "Honor" <~~~for a lack of better words.. Im a Japanese American so its different for me because i live in the USA and i would think for you also cause your in Europe...Over here if someone looks at you and judges you , who cares?? not sure how it is in europe, but im sure its more like USA then ASIA Yah i agree the chat thing is really dumb to make a big deal about if it was in anywhere but Asia(korea moreso then most). but thats coming from a non asian culture standpoint..
  4. well gangkiz really never did anything..they pretty much flopped.. and Co-ed ummmm.. groups dont usually subunit till a few promos from the main group.. kinda shows how desperate ccm was to try anything to make $$$'s ..... I really dont see how soyeons looks really play any part into this convo.. thats pretty much a spam post IMO.. lol
  5. lol oops should of made it clear.. i didnt mean that You Scatter were gonna flame me.. i meant the forum posters in general.. cause as i was typing that i was imagining people posting.. "well if your so smart why dont you CEO... or you cant"...sorry for the misunderstanding lol.. and also scatter.. WTF??? Are you in my brain or what??.. cause as i read your last post, all those points were in my head lol.. They do need to take at least a 6month break if not almost a year.. fine let them promote outside korea.. cause thats been working.. but lessen the load and let them rest so they can come back like they need to.. or even a hiatus from all promos would work.. but that will never happen cause CCM is too money hungry, considering their other groups arnt really doing anything.. also i dont see ccm giving them any extended period off..At this rate if this keeps going i really dont see them being together very much longer.. 1yr 2 yrs max.. seems like KKS doesnt learn from history.. T-ara = the next seeya?
  6. @danohio if you read my whole post and the replys then you would see i decided not to leave the forum.. because i said ill support the forum but not the group.. reason ive been here alot lately is because of posts replied to.. and i get the emails telling me so.. Did i ever call you delusional? NO..I apologize if you feel offended and you dont agree with what i say or how i say it.. but everything ive posted.. postive or negative in any post in the forum is my right to do so.. if you dont like it , then dont read it, and if you feel that hardcore about my posts then report them.. im just stating my opinions which everyone has, as far as calling me a anti, that is laughable because basiclly you are attacking me lol.. i have not attacked anyone is any posts that ive ever posted on this forum other then maybe KKS , and that was well deserved.Again im sorry if you feel like i should leave the forum but again that is my right to post and not your right to take away from me.. Edit: also no where in my post did i say i dont like them anymore, i stated ive lost alot of interest, and later on in my posts i also stated it was CCM/KKS not T-ara that has made me feel that way.. Reading Comprehension FTL Have a nice day!!! Thanks scatter.. i pretty much agree with everything you are saying.we are pretty much on the same page on most the issues..
  7. Well heres the thing.. even in USA celebrities are scrutinized for their actions.albeit not as much as in Asian countries and especially not as much as Korea..IMO Idols really need to watch what they say and what they do before they do it.. like i said before, anything T-ara does is being watched and the girls should realize that and not put themselves in any kinda situation that will cause any kinda of controversy... Being a Idol is enough for them to realize everyone in Korea, not to mention Kpop fans all over the world watch everything they do and say..CCM really needs to put a "gag order" on T-ara as far as any social media, online chatting or any other communications othen then maybe text and phone calls to fellow members..that is just the social aspect of it.That not mentioning public appeareances and performances.. IMO they have had a few performances since the hwayoung scandal that have been really lackluster.. T-ara as a group needs to come out HARD.. like when a new group performs and noone knows who they are.. they perform at 110%.. these girls need to realize how bad their image is getting and need to step it up and not get comfortable.. a year and half ago they could of done that but especailly not now.As far as PR goes.. MNET needs to fire KKS and CCMs' PR and restructure IMO.. get some people in there that actually know what they are doing.. and before you flame me, im not saying someone like me cause im not a ceo lol..
  8. honestly ANY AND ALL issues T-ara has had back to the twitter scandals and this one would of been null and void if CCM ran their company like some other big name ent agencies.. take for example.. SM... Most SM artists dont use social media because SM doesnt allow it.. if they do post its on the actual official fansite.. and most is pre monitored by management.. take time and think about artists like SNSD for example.. you never hear anything about them and social media scandals... because for the most part they arnt allowed to use it.. and they are WAAAAY more popular/famous then T-ara.. IMO my opinion of T-ara is really changing this past year.. I', starting to think the members arnt really as modest and sweet as they are trying to portray they are.. seems like alot of the members are catty and selfish.. not the group i once loved..
  9. Taken straight from the article.. “The topic of ’Stitch’ in question came about because the tiger drawing on the shirt of the brand resembled ‘Stitch’ the character, and since a graduate student unni Soyeon knows wears that brand of clothing every time they meet, that is why they were talking about it,” “The name of ‘Stitch’ being discussed is not even 1% related to a celebrity, and it seems Soyeon’s acquaintance just joked about ‘Stitch’ without any other intentions after seeing the brand’s clothing with a tiger drawn on it.” It was also added, “Also, the part about Soyeon’s acquaintances discussing ‘Stitch’s marriage is not about the graduate student unni who is a fan of the brand, but about another acquaintance they know who is about to get married.” in the first sentence it says its a unnie soyeon knows thats a grad student.. the second part i highlighted in bold says its not about that grad student unnie but about someone else that is about to get married.. so yes its 2 diffrent people that CCM is trying to tell us.. well more like lie to us..
  10. girls do talk about about girls.. but when you're a IDOL or celebrity its a diffrent ball game. you cant just let words fly, you really have to watch what you say because millions of people will hear or see it.. she need to be more careful IMO.. and also beit a celebrity or some person she knows .. its still not setting a good example to talk sh*t about someone... Soyeon is a IDOL she needs to realize that her actions and words are watched all the time.. She obviously didnt think before she typed As a Idol/celebrity you lose all privacy FYI.. there is no such thing as privacy when your famous.. I really doubt reporters are writing these articles because they are jealous, that is just a ridiculous for you to say.. As much controversy as these girls have faced last year it really is stupid for Soyeon to even put herself in this position... CCM response was yet again stupid.. Lets see.. first they said its Soyeons grad student unnie.. then next statement they said its not her grad student unnie that is getting married.. so basiclly are they saying there are 2 people now and not 1? CCM again insults kpop fans intelligence with thier terrible non thought out response.. Biased fans i have my hose and exstinguisher ready... FLAME ON!!!!
  11. LMAO!!! Wow .. you people are soo biased.. you say... "normal people talk about other people all the time, it shouldnt matter".. well heres the thing.. Soyeon isnt normal.. Shes a IDOL, therefore she is obligated to set a Role model.. not naming a person still doesnt change the fact they were talking about someone.. also the fact that CCM tries to explain the situation at first as soeyon saying its a grad student she knows.. then the next sentence saying its not the grad student that is getting married.. they essentially added a extra person to the mix.. As for the OP of this post.. you should really post the whole article and not parts of it that help your point and in a diffrent order then it was originally posted.. Fail!!
  12. Well come December I will most likely not be on this forum anymore if Dani joins.. I am uncle fan and I don't appreciate kks making me feel like a pedophile watching a 13 yr old girl. There is no way I will be able to be a fan anymore without feeling like a pervert watching them perform live shows.. Good job kks your pretty much gonna lose all your uncle fans not to mention some unnies and oppas that don't want to feel like perverts.. 30years experience? More like 30months.. Way to end the girls I love careers as t-ara..
  13. Actually if you listen , hyomin and eunjung have very strong vocals.. i mean soyeon is better.. but thats like comparing snsd members.. taeyeon is #1 but that doesnt mean sica, seohyun and sunny are shabby ..
  14. its most likely going to be davichi fusing with T-ara.. which in all circumstances is the best in my opinion.. i dont agree with changing t-aras group dynamic. but if is gonna do it then that is the best scenario.. i just feel sorry for Boram,Qri . hwayoung and Eunjung, because there lines will decrease even more, maybe to non exsistant(we laready know boram and qri usually get 1 line if any, and EJ has been getting phased out lately) essientially KKS has made t-ara a 5 member group with 4 backup dancers
  15. at least he isnt releasing members from the group. i for 1 do not agree with the change, but what can i do.. me and my buddy have been talking about this since the press release and we both think its gonna be a T-ara Davichi fusion.. that's the only secario that makes any kind of sense.. i dont agree with this dicision but i guess i can live with davichi being the 2 new members since they do have great singing voices.. i just feel sorry for Boram,Qri and Eunjung, because there lines will decrease even more, maybe to non exsistant.. essientially KKS has made t-ara a 5 member group with 4 backup dancers
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