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  1. It's a good news to her But Does she have enough time for this? Hope she will have enough time to sleep
  2. Poor Boram Hope she's getting better And wish all members to be healthy
  3. I envy Thai fans And I think many fans in the world Wish to have T-ARA Concert too
  4. Lovey Dovey was very popular in Korea and the world Would it get the same or more better in Japan? I guess and wish could be
  5. There are so many people The members seems have a good mood And the little fan looks very happy
  6. Maybe they don't have enough time to participate in musical But I remember Jiyeon was on the list? Will she appear or not?
  7. 34 million won are not a little amount There are many staffs with them Why Eunjung has to take care of these money? It is a little weird
  8. Finally, there are more T-ARA cut in Day two Although they are on vacation Seem like they have many things to do
  9. Boram's pictures are pretty cute And Qri's S-Line...this could make fans going crazy about her
  10. When Cry Cry and Lovey-Dovey music videos have release I know this will happen They are really cautious But fans still can find ways to watch
  11. "If the members are lazy, or harmful to other members" These words could make fans antipathy to him. There are too many scedule, and they are lazy? Maybe someone are not good enough, good CEO must train them well Not this way
  12. This video make fans want to buy Seems like there will be many pretty pics in this book
  13. I can't Imagine his thought Hope he's just making news And make right decision
  14. Soyeon like gray hat? I remember she ware this(maybe different one but similar) before. And Hyomin's hair is getting longer now Maybe long hair is better to her
  15. Roly Poly was very popular in Korea Wish Jap. version will get excellent score in Japan too
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