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  1. Hyomin.....is ...so...beautiful..I love this look! I love LoveyDovey ><
  2. Hyomin's action look so funny,ha ha .She is a really funny girl
  3. I look forward to watch this tv show! Jiyeon add oil!
  4. RamBO look so cute and so small Haha Hyomin is very Sexy
  5. soyeon...Rambo....they re so cut two of the killing me (die
  6. I am intreset that why all people laugh just Boram one want to cry lol
  7. They have a good perform on variety shows so dont be worry about this!
  8. I feel sad that im not a japanese,will they come to hong kong HOHOHO~
  9. bo peep bo peep is very sexy!All the japanese will love it ! T-ara fighting in japan!
  10. Maybe they will become the best kpop team in japan!Im waiting it be true
  11. 30mins...It is very long~ But Im waiting for it hohoh~T-ara fighting!
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