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  1. wow that's amazing! It's so good to see the girls give back, as well as the fans Queens are always so generous :') proud
  2. Their company really needs to learn how to keep them informed about their activities! Why is it that their always finding out about theses important things from secondary sources!
  3. such beauties! omo is it even fair!!!! i wonder if they'll come out with a second MV for N.9 in the scene of the teaser loving this concept
  4. I love it! The simplicity of it so so refreshing! Diadem layouts never fail to amaze me! The forum looks super cute, and I love the images of the members. great job everyone! thanks for your hard work
  5. naww~ i wish i had an android phone now T_T everytime new photos come out i remember that i don't have the app ;_; That's ok! They all look gorgeous~ always loving the clown outfits~ t-ara comeback soon
  6. im so tempted to buy this..grrr~ why am i so indecisive
  7. i love the robot dance at the begining!! Aurum is so cool kkk Qri almost lost her balance at the end >_< Great performance as always
  8. that photo of Hyomin! Like wow just wow seriously girl can I have your face please...I love you ... thanks for sharing lol
  9. these girls are seriously gorgeous! I love Soyeon and Boram's photos so adorable kpop makes me want to get a phone with android! I swear most amazing apps are just for android. Let's hope they release it for iphone too
  10. Aw I was looking forward to seeing little t-ara It's really unfair that netizens are treating them wrongly because of the rumours that have been said many times that are not true But I'm so very happe that the girls are facing this with their heads heals high and are coming back Which I cannot wait seriously sexy love has been stuck in my head since it was released
  11. yes!! not long until the video is out. I've been watching the teaser non stop since it was released it sounds like it's going to be an epic song and epic video! Plus continuation of day by day ahaah *spazz mode activated* And the song is by one of my favourite korean producers shinshandong tiger yay~
  12. T-ara jjang!!! i'm not surprised the song is so catchy and fun, the moment they came out i just knew it would be a hit
  13. unnie annyeonghasaeyo! how are you ^_^

  14. Unnie annyeonghasaeyo!

  15. You want to know what's in my mind? Not telling...

  16. unnie hello ^__^

    how are you? I added you hope you don't mind

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