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  1. aaah, i wanna see that interview or hear that interview directly just read it that makes me so close to them
  2. love to see they will be collaborate, the results of their collaboration will inevitably produce a very nice song
  3. woow,.. hyomin looka totaly a different personality than what I saw before she looks more boyish now
  4. btw what are they promote? n where is hyomin, boram, n hwayoung? they all looks cute, especially soyeon who looks so young than before with her new hairstyle
  5. i imagine that it must be a cute one like any other T-ara song,... im glad they have expanded into japan n i hope they will be more n more success
  6. oh my,.. its so scary especially when i see this pic in dark room it was suprise me
  7. wow, eunjung looks so beautifull,... but soyeon is so mature,.. they are so pretty
  8. wooow as expected for our hyomin,.. she alwasys looks beautiful,.. but personally i like this picture so much,..
  9. this love is very life n cheerfull,.. looking for these picture make me brightly in instant
  10. because her twins so i can tell where is hwayoung, in the right side or left side,...
  11. woow its so different from i see hyomin on normal days,.. i cant wait to see her acting skill,..
  12. wooow its amazing, i wish i can speak japanese so i can understand what the articel says
  13. i heard that it will be released in some version, it is right?? even if it the bo peep korea version is in 2009, they still looks cute for wearing that outfit now
  14. i think this pronunciation is for the japanese people, btw i like that picture so much especially for soyeon
  15. its just the beginning,.. they will be more n more sucsses from this
  16. its awsome,.. i cant wait for their japanese single, it will be great
  17. what,??? it just 40 seconds?? that was too short for them
  18. i hope they much more care about their healt during the promotions time
  19. i hope you will come here to chear up your fan in here n me but never mind i will always support you whereever you are ^^
  20. i hope you will be win n will be number 1 ^^ n do your best form anything you do
  21. im sorry for askng this, but wht Getamped Revolution is? they look amazing in these picture
  22. i like this song,..<br><br>i hope you will be always be loved by everyone,..<br><br>n I'll here until you become number one ^^
  23. are you sure that just 10.000 copy only?? i think it will be sold out just in minutes
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