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  1. aww i wanna hug her and play house she's a real doll in every sense of the word her eyes are so big and pretty~~
  2. nooo ='[.... you should stop over working yourself and get some rest a proper amount if rest like 10 hour of sleep every day
  3. 40 second is so not enough! want more t-ara! a reasonable time is 40min but i wanted time is 40hours
  4. no. im sorry but he looks nothing like jiyeon. i personally don't like his fashion sense and he's so pale!
  5. nooo.. sniff sniff it makes me so sad to see jiyeon hurt. stop worrying about the program and concentrate on getting better! jiyeon fighting!!!!!
  6. the glasses makes them look so serious professional like
  7. not surprise roly poly is very catchy and the music video is really color.
  8. nekko mimi!!!! lol how can anyone not want to buy this love the cover!!
  9. what what what!? i've watch jiyeon on my tv many many times how come she doesn't appear like in shake it up... im sad.... Jiyeon
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