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  1. hope all the girls stay strong,all of this will pass by without we realize it....Queen's will always stay with you and supoort you Fighting....
  2. how can they treat the girls like this,it's not even confirm that the bullying is actually happen wonder who is the real bully now.....
  3. screw KKS,please think first before u act,just hope tat the girl can leave this crazy company hope everything will be ok,always support them,Queen's please stay strong
  4. ahhh,i'm getting high just by watching the fancam,please release a DVD....
  5. kyaa....they 're going to perform don't live.... i'm going crazy now.......can't wait to watch it...
  6. hiks,hope the injury not so serious and hope she recover soon,fighting..
  7. such a cool mv but it get less than a million view,come on Queen's let's show our power...
  8. as expected from KKS,no days without troll,just watched the MV,cool,can't wait for the full mv
  9. cool,can't wait for 3rd July,Hyomin kinda looks like uma thurman from kill bill at the first pic,kiki
  10. DAEBAK,they are rally digital monster,hope this good thing will keep on going,SLAY-ARA let's kill the charts
  11. already bought my ticket today(dovey area) and officially bankrupt now,haha when i bought,the seat for dovey almost sold out,guess if u want to go better hurry and grab the ticket
  12. thanks,just realise they always do encore with lovey dovey n roly poly wish they would sing falling you live
  13. no fancam yet?does anubody know the song lists tat they sang in the concert?
  14. another mini album again,i expect it to be full album though
  15. COOL,the pics totally make my day,can't wait for 3rd july,SLAY-ARA let's kill the charts...
  16. the ticket is quite expensive for a showcase@@,but,anyway,i'll go...
  17. so cute,they look so chubby back then ,but now they look so thin,hope they can gain a bit weight
  18. yup,her voice is ok,but i don't really like the tone too just think tat her voice can't blend well with the other member
  19. as happy as i am to see more t-ara but 3 comeback in 4 months,hope they not tired out themselves,beside that they still have to prepare for the concert. t-ara fighting
  20. ahhhh....hope they come before october,otherwise i'm not in malaysia anymore
  21. bye bye is my fav performance,never thought they would sing it live,hope the will sing more song from their 1st album in the next concert
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