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  1. ahh it's been a long time..welcome back co-ed school , can't wait to see this version..it will be interesting
  2. will check app store everyday for this game ..it will be amazing
  3. nevermind Qri, there will be another chance for you i'm happy she places t-ara on her first priority, but on the other side i want to see Qri's acting again..ah nevermind, keep fighting Qri
  4. definitely gonna buy this i like second cover..jiyeon is pretty in there
  5. im definitely gonna buy this calendar yesasia here i come
  6. congratz to our girls ..i knew they can do it well..it's only starting, im sure T-ara can get more success than this hwaiting T-ara..good luck little Kim Tae Hee
  7. hmm as i thought..the mv before is leaked, no wonder the quality isn't great (i mean the video quality)
  8. wow that will be hard to get i already pre ordered from yesasia...i hope i get that photobook
  9. jiyeon is very professional and very dedicated for t-ara and the fans..that's why we love her get well soon jiyeon..we will always support you Japan is waiting for you and T-ara
  10. wow boram is very cute at that pics i like their shirt ..simple but cute
  11. ahh so sad to see jiyeon like that hope she will be okay soon...hwaiting jiyeon
  12. yep this is too much..but this is unique too, t-ara always give us surprise right ? , they always give us brand new concept let's hope and pray..their japanese debut will be great
  13. congratulations to our girls !!! they deserved this.. this is so amazing, im so proud of them..we're so proud of you girls !! GO T-ARA !!!
  14. oh well..no roly poly anymore but at the other side..that means we will see our girls brand new performance ..can't wait to see their performing bo peep at music japan
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