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  1. anneyong?? how are you?? happy birthday...

  2. Welcome! (: nice to meet you too ^^

  3. Hello! Thanks for the add. Nice to meet you ^_^

  4. I feel like buying Tony Moly now aft seeing them endorsing it~ Jiyeon unnie & EunJung unnie look amazing
  5. My Pleasure!! Hello too!!♥

  6. Hello! Thanks for the add :D

  7. Hoping for JiYeon unnie's speedy recovery. Their airport fashion is always so nice!! JiYeon's & Boram's outifit! I spot a Le Sportsac Q-ri unnie~ T-ara Debut in Japan HWAITING!! :wub:
  8. love their makeup! the cat dance is back! good luck to those who ordered
  9. Unnie...pls take care of yourself..dun make us worry about you.. Pls get well soon. I wanna see that HYPER & ACTIVE ji yeon unnie again painkillers r NO good ( unnie Hwaiting!
  10. Hey chingu! thanks for adding me :)

  11. Awesome!! I really love JiYeon... XD

  12. Hello! I'm a Ji Yeon fan too! :))

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