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  1. Let's pray hard that there won't be any big changes in members for T-ARA. I don't mind subgroups but I don't any of the girl to be remove and form another group.
  2. EUNJUNG SIGNATURE! I saw someone wearing Manchester United Jacket!
  3. Yes! they will attend volunteer event! There, they went to help out a event already! I bet T-ARA will attened volunteer event even thought they didnt win triple crown! T-ARA HWAITING! ~
  4. RYU SISTERS FTW! Both twin sisters will similar nice and face, it will be hard to differentiate from now onwards! 1 more week, 7 more days to go! I can't wait for the mv & the song.
  5. It's just so nice of them. Even though all of them are busy, they don't even have a break to rest, they still want to help out those who needed help! T-ARA DAEBAK!
  6. Hwayoung Hwaiting! T-ara fans will always behind you supporting you all the way~ Cute Ryu sisters!
  7. What happen to Eunjung? Why she need to remove blood from her knee cap? How did the blood enter the knee cap? ): poor Eunjung T-T get well soon!
  8. Hyomin, you are right. You will not jealous of Eunjung anymore. But I will be jealous of your "husband" from now onwards! T-T
  9. They had worked so hard since Roly Poly. They still have their Japanese promotions. T-ARA should have their well deserved rest after they successfully promotions since roly poly~ Well done girls! HWAITING!
  10. WHY HYOMIN?!?!?! That guy must be very lucky~ I hope HYOMIN will be happy like Eunjung (:
  11. Who are the two ladies behind hyomin? They don't look like idol to me :X Hyomin look so blur and cute ^-^
  12. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. so pretty all of them~ this ad make me want to get iriver product for t-ara!
  13. seeing this ad, I feel like going to Tony Moly now to buy products! I love to see Hyomin in that purple outfit!
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