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  1. WWow daebak ! they worn Lovey Dovey outfit perform Cry Cry i replay it again & again
  2. Ow this outfit looks like appearing on Pretty Boys in Japan Ha ha So cute
  3. Eunjung Fighting! Be healthy We always support you!
  4. poor Eunjung ;( We always support you ! Be healthy Our Girls look great T-ara is the best
  5. Wow poor Qri unnie! It's OK unnie, there're another chane. Hwaiting!
  6. Can't wait anymore 5 days Jiyeon ah I love you
  7. Whoa Rambo's so cute I want her hug * Cry Cry*
  8. T-ara needs a vacation T-T More works Poor our girls T T
  9. Wow they look so happy! A new year with a lot of money Happy Lunar New Year T-ara!
  10. Wow no 1 melon it means T-ara will get the mutizen this week! 5 trophy Daebak
  11. yeah From Eunjung Jiyeon and now hyomin join Running man Daebak! Can't wait for this ep Lol when Hyomin and Gary-sshi 're on one team )
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