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  1. Don't Leave is a really nice song. And for some reason, the video looked awesome whenever they showed Hwayoung. And Hwayoung's really pretty in this photo too. Too bad Jiyeon didn't get to sing in DL though. R.
  2. I love how LBDV changed after @fcukmyIife took over as bar manager. I love the young blood Jurrel brings in!

  3. Embarrassing! Haha. Goodnight <3

  4. Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess.

  5. Amazing how far word-of-mouth referrals can bring me. First it's Tina, then the M&M twins & now another girl from the same group. Delighted!

  6. I feel like sleeping in this kind of weather, but I can't build an empire if I'm this lazy.

  7. I'm at Pull and Bear (#B2-08 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore) http://t.co/K367E0a3

  8. It's different tonight because I'm the wingman for an fPUA.

  9. Tonight's shoot is postponed, so I guess I'll get some breather tonight! :)

  10. Client's really happy with the photos. Satisfied! x) (@ The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)) http://t.co/80XFAdda

  11. Thursday is 'meet-the-clients' day. Suit up!

  12. I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'll have to prepare a Halloween party for my visiting Portuguese friends. Already lots to do now! x(

  13. How much does a rice cooker cost? I need to get it for the girlfriend when I fly over.

  14. Alright Turkey, this should be enough for my two weeks stay with the girlfriend @gamjabokkeum <3http://t.co/RGnFCs5a

  15. Holy crap, it's fuhlipping Monday.

  16. Ten minutes worth of sleep time lost just to search for the rubber band I tie my hair with.

  17. After shoots last night -> Taboo til 4 w/ new besties Marcus + Nathalya + Jasper (Singapore), Joanna (Sweden) & Konstantine (Germany). High.

  18. Smurfs' Village is preventing me from getting my well-deserved sleep.

  19. Instead of the girl, I like to look at the eyes of the guys nearby whenever a girl walks past them.

  20. How One Photographer Is Beating the Economy - http://t.co/wbGMXYko #photog #togs

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