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  1. Wow is she the new promo model for this cafe? That's a huge deal imo since T-ara haven't had any big CF deals in SK since the scandal.
  2. Hyomin has always stood out to me even though she's not my bias. She has great stage presence. I think she can really do well. Jiyeon is a toss up because the wrong image/concept could ruin everything. I'm excited to see what they both come up with and hope they both do well. I wonder what the other girls will be doing though. I hope Eunjung gets to go back to acting!
  3. I hope they fully promote the singles this time smh. It's no surprise that Bunny Style and Target flopped when they basically did no promo.
  4. Is this because What Do I Do flopped? It's not even on the Instiz real time top 30 anymore! I think ppl are sick of the retro music. I am. I really hope this song manages to stay in the top 30 for more than a week.
  5. Yessss Hyomin as an MC! She looks mega stunning. I'm soooo happy that this comeback is slightly turning things around for the group.
  6. Everyone vote for the first one. Please! ! ! ! ! They are ugly though.
  7. I am proud of them for learning and growing from this incident. They took responsibility for it and faced it head on. I don't understand a word they say in their musics (except for the occasional Engrish phrases of course lol) but I have never felt a stronger bond with a musician before. We've been through so much along with them! I will always be their fan and I hope they continue to release music for many more years!!!
  8. Where's the version of them dancing in the different rooms from teaser #2?! Enough with the beauty shot desert scenes CCM!
  9. It's nice to see that they appreciate their fans so much. Love them!
  10. Omg the fanchants! This is my favourite No. 9 live performance by far!
  11. OMG THEIR HAIR! ♥.♥ It's all so different but they all look amazing! I hope Eunjung keeps it long this time. Comeback soon?!
  12. Damn Areum looks amazing. I really wish they would stop giving her ugly hairstyles because she looks so much better with long hair.
  13. LOL Qri's new phone case. She's so strange and stunning. Easily my new fave member. She looks amazing.
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